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350 responses to “How To: Add GPS to HTC Mogul – XV6800 – P4000 – Titan”

  1. Hoser

    I have done the update to my phone with much trepidation. After a call to get the phone reactivated all appears to be working well so far with the exception of VC wich does not bother me all that much. One thing that did disappear was the games portion of windows mobile or at the very least its burried somewhere. My wife loved Bubblebreaker and I did too when I was able to get my hands on it. Are there any fixes to getting this back or is my wife going to very unhappy with me??

  2. Nick

    yeah it pissed me off too that BubbleBreaker was not included in the ROM. i think the makers just needed to cut some things out to slim it down. But i managed to find a few other games for my 6800. Found Minesweeper, a checkers game, frogger, and a version of BomberMan, which i love. but they dont come close to bubble breaker ): but if anyone finds a way to get bubblebreaker back on it, please post!

  3. Jr.

    Have a PCC 6800 fro Bell Quebec and tried the inlocker several times and in different ways but as soon as I get the bootloader screen it looses contact with active sync and thats as far as I can get. Tried unpluging, leaving it there and copntinuing the ulocker but it losees communication and gives me an error 260
    any tips

  4. JK

    As a Verizon customer, I’ve successfully loaded the newer DCD 2.3.2 ROM on my XV6800. This ROM is much nicer than the DCD 2.1.0

    I have some tips that may be helpful for those on the VZW network.

    If you have any specific questions, go to my blog below and submit a comment. I’ll be glad to answer questions.

    Also, I’m still playing around with the GPS settings, so I welcome comments regarding any useful tips to configure the internal GPS.

  5. JK

    Go the GPS to work on VZW

    1. Go to Settings -> Phone – then click on the Services tab -> Location Setting and set to “Location On”
    2. Allow Windows to manage the GPS automatically
    3. For Google Maps, set the GPS settings to be set by Windows (not manually to a specific COM port)
    4. For Windows Live Search, set the GPS to “GPS Intermediate Driver” at the bottom of the list.

  6. Eliot

    I’ve finished the update, it looks O.K.
    Thanks ALL.
    Oh, I have XV6800.

  7. Hoser

    JK or Eliot have either of found that you are missing the wireless sync capabilities and or the windows mobile games? If so are you able to get them back?

  8. nate

    Hi.. I am in bit of a crisis here.. I downloaded and installed everything correctly and realized I needed to reactivate my phone and it wouldn’t work for some reason. I downloaded the titan relocker as a fix for some reason and now I am stuck in the bootloader screen. I have downloaded titan_exitbootloader but it says there is no connection with my phone, what can I do??? I have verizon as a provider and am in dire need of a fix :/

  9. JK

    Did you follow the step-by-step instructions as listed here:

    Just to clarify – bootloader screen is the colorful screen. At the bottom, does it say “serial” or “USB”?

    Remember that you don’t need ActiveSync to say that you’re connected. Plug in your phone and your phone and on the bottom of your phone screen it should switch from serial to USB.

    If that doesn’t happen, then I would reboot your PC and try connecting again.

    Finally, I hope you’re running XP. I didn’t dare try this on a machine running Vista. If you’re on Vista, find a friend who has XP and follow the steps on the XP machine.

  10. JK

    For further instructions on using the GPS after you’ve finished installing the custom ROM, look here:


  11. JK

    Just realized that I loaded an old custom ROM. The latest one is DCD 3.0.4 and you can get it here:

    This one’s a bit tricky because you want to load Radio 3.37.20 from a micro SD card, not via the USB cable.


  12. bh

    Navigate to:

    voicemail fix download the about half way down the page

    Install then It will auto restart phone

    after this change button setup by:

    POINT UI: Top right Settings button -> Windows Mobile -> Peronsal -> buttons
    Normal U: Start -> Settings -> Buttons

    When in the buttons ->
    tap Button 4 -> change assign a program to
    tap Button 5 (which should look like a Phone over a mic) Change the assign a program to Voice Speed Dial

    The button should now work for voice activation

  13. bh

    tap button 4 should say change it to none

  14. JK

    Plan to keep a blog of my XV6800 upgrading experience(s) here:

    I first did the DCD 2.3.2 ROM upgrade. Then, I went for the DCD 3.0.4 upgrade and now I have Rev A speeds! Warning – you need a microSD card for the latter.


  15. vzman

    yo, vzw employee here and windows mobile, pocket pc, xv6800, soon to be xv6900 enthusiast.

    any questions hit me up @

    I love to help nice people

    first off im pretty good with this stuff but have never joined any online communities. so i would like to aid as i can.

    Yesterday when i found out that i could unlock the gps chip I immediately set to work and have mastered this setup, and, experienced every damn pain you guys had in the install.

    1. If you are stuck on the bootloader screen even after a reset after you have installed everything and are freaking out.

    the first rom you installed created a folder on your hard disk with a file called titan_exitbl.exe. run that and that will cure you. the original action you performed told your ppc to allows go to bootloader, the exitbl tells your ppc not to do that anymore.

    2. find htc home 2.x plugin and htc home customizer 1.0 on the net and install. makes for much nicer feel.

    3. go to settings, phone, services, location setting, turn on.
    go to system settings, external gps, set program port to com4, hardware port to none, and baud to 4800. this will fix your gps.

    4. whatever gps app you use must have the same settings as above. if you only have one option for com port in the app then choose com4.

    5. there are lots of free software sites for windows mobile. utilize them.

    if anyone is having problems with youtube or other streaming video i have a fix for that..

    ps, for those that think they have crashed there phones and need to return them, dont fret. i dont think you can trash this. the roms will work, its just hard to tell that you are doing it right. the new setup is much better, up above someone was talking about the voice dial fix. other than the games, (which you can find plenty more for free) the only thing that i have found missing is Running Programs, one of my personal favorite apps. although i do like task manager, just a lil diff, as far as abilities. Also, spb phone suite gives you tabbed browsing, which is just neccessary.


    When i went to look at my memory it seems like i have less ram now, the phone is faster, but it doesnt show the full 64, maybe its not counting the amount being used by the system, but that still scares me. i could also have bad memory and just be assuming this. Please let me know if anyone else notices this.


    on the original rom i installed an audiopara.csv fix to fix the volume issues. the volume now is not as good as was. the first time i tried the audiopara.csv on this rom, all my sound went mute. now i could have very easily done something wrong and will try again, this time with ways to undo my mistakes without hard reset, and see what happens, but let me know if anyone has better way or guaranteed way to increase the base volume on this device.

  16. Emmanuel

    I have a HTC P4000 and after exact execute your software the HTC having 4 color and is never work….

    My HTC is now dead.

    Do you have a solution.


  17. Ryan

    So I did everything step-by-step, and it has been working up until the past week everything is slowing down. I can’t pick up phone calls sometime bc I hit answer and nothing happens… Any ideas why this is happening?

  18. vzman

    emanuel, read step 1.

    Ryan, start from scratch, that may sound like a bs solution, but thats how i fix things 90% of the time. btw, the radio rom wont let you reload it. I forget why but basically it can only be installed on the original radio or htc rom.

  19. Kyle

    I finally got GPS working AWESOME on my Verzion XV6800. Everything is incredible i just have one question. The stock VZW rom had Modem Link, and the new Sprint rom that i flashed doesnt. is there any way to tether my xv6800 to my laptop to use as a modem on this new rom?

  20. Compguymd

    This ROM is Great! I have a Verizon XV6800. GPS works great! I can
    now teather my devise to my laptop and get internet on my laptop
    anywhere and I can use Remote Desktop too! The only issue I have is
    that I cannot open any media files (.MP3’s, .MPEG’s, ect.) I can copy
    and paste them to the devise from my vista laptop, but when I try to
    openthe media file, I get an error. I test the media file on the pc
    before copying and the file is good. When I had the Factory ROM on
    there the same media files worked fine. Does anyone know how to fix
    this? Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks

  21. Compguymd

    I wanted to update my post above. I am using dcd 2.1.0 . Maybe an updated rom such as 3.0.4 will allow this. I did figur out that if I synced the files on there and then used media player to add the files to the library, it worked. I Still would rather be able to click on the actual file in file explorer and be able to play the file. A newer rom might fix this. does anyone have procedures for loading the latest dcd rom?

  22. Sprint HTC Mogul Update Adds GPS & EV-DO Rev A (Updated) |

    […] update was leaked in beta form to the public, and hackers manipulated the update to work on other carriers, including Verizon Wireless and Alltel. In addition, hackers also added […]

  23. JK

    I’m still using the dcd 3.0.4 ROM, even though a newer version is out there. Just don’t have the time to reinstall all my programs.

    However, I did upgrade to the new radio 3.39.10 and it’s solved some bluetooth headset issues I was having. My phone is working great now!

  24. Matt

    Any word about doing this with a US Cellular PPC6800? I have been searching around like mad and have seen several riskier ways of getting the GPS to work on it but that involved Mixing and matching ROMS from other carriers. If there is a sure fire way of turning on the GPS on the US Cellular 6800 shoot me an email please.

  25. Bobbi-Jo


    Updated and everything is looking good! thanks. Question: Now that I have WM 6.1 I do not see the New Home screen interface ?? umm where in hell is it? Do I have to turn it on?

  26. kevin

    My screen is frozen red green blue & white.How can i unfroze it

  27. kevin

    i have alltel frozen on my screen

  28. Rusty

    Got through all the updates with no problem; however at the end my phone reset itself and I cannot turn it on. I hear the chime when I connect to the PC but nothing on the screen. When I plug it in to the charger, I get a steady red light, nothing more. Any ideas?

  29. Austin Poirier

    I have a XV6800 from verizon and installed all of these but a error message came up.(Please Respond)

  30. John

    I just completed this as per the instructions and it works great with Google Maps. Took a few minutes to process the satellites but then…boom… took me right to my location.

  31. donnie

    So I am getting the error 328 when running the titan radio update.
    I think its caused i was using a hacked rom previously, i understand I need to relock it and start over but I am stuck at the startup screen so I cant get an activesync connection in order to run the relocker.
    Any ideas?

  32. trickdhat

    Getting ready to try this, but I’m concerned about calling Verizon and requesting the A-key. I have heard that you just say you performed a hard reset and are having trouble connecting to the network, but I want to make sure I answer any questions they have correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  33. Chris-M


    Im considering trying this update, but have a few concerns.
    What are the things NOT included with this ROM that the origional ROM has? A short list would be beneficial, as well as what 3rd party programs exist to restore these lost features.

    Also, does the GPS chip require a data plan, or is it like an authentic GPS receiver in most cars and just runs off software?

  34. Ojingo

    Chris, VZman, and VZW employees who are helping this hack –

    Thank you. This is awesome! I had some trouble, or I thought I was having some trouble, but I just stuck with the direction (and reread them about 25 times). My GPS didn’t pick up for awhile on Port 5 or 4 or 3, but finally it started picking up satellites once I put it next to the window and left it alone.

    The VZW people were very helpful when I had to get a new A-Key for my phone after the download. I told them that I downloaded some time organizing business software or something equally droll – they didn’t care, they were just there to help.

    I freaked out on the bootloader screen too… but then just kept moving forward thinking, “well it’s a brick now – how much worse can I make it?” and it all got better the 6.1 is better too.

    Thank you for everything. This is one great hack!

  35. Chris-M

    what is the latest ROM out right now for the xv6800.

    I see ppl using the 2.3.2 and the 3.0.1 and higher. Whats the best, most compatible rom out with the latest software fixes/additions?

  36. Chris-M

    Ok guys, I need some serious help.

    I found the 3.1.2 ROM and the 3.39.10 Radio, BUT the stupid radio is a .rar extension, unlike the .exe loader this site uses. How the hell am i supposed to update the radio if the rar doesn’t have an executable file???

    3.27 does NOT work with 3.1.2 ROM.

    Any moderators care to comment??? I’m stuck at the bootloader screen where your supposed to install the Radio, but i dont want to use this sites 3.27 cause the 3.1.2 ROM says 3.27 isn’t going to work. Where can i find 3.39.10 in the .EXE format??

  37. Chris-M

    i have winrar but its just a single file with a nbh extension. This isn’t an executable file. How do i apply the radio file it its not executable like the other files.

  38. Mangomd

    I’ve downloaded these files for my Sprint HTC Mogul. Both seemed to work through synchronization, but now the phone is stuck in the Sprint logon screen. I’ve tried soft resets without success.

    Please offer some help. I apologize if the answer is already posted; if it already is, I didn’t understand it. For any replies, please use very simple directions, since I am relatively illiterate about these sorts of things. Thanks in advance.

  39. Mangomd

    I did this part:
    “1) Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe (this is the unlocker mentioned in the first step).
    2) Titan_Radio_3.27.00.exe (this is the baseband radio firmware)

    Here is the procedure for updating:

    * Open Hard-SPL-240-MFG.exe. It will extract files into C:\ttn240mfg, and then launch an unlocker. Follow the instructions on screen.
    * Once it has been completed, launch the device’s software update. Follow the instructions on screen for the updater.
    * Following the updater’s final instructions, power cycle the device as instructed (holding power and reset buttons simultaneously). The device will likely freeze at startup on your carrier’s logo. This is normal.
    * When the device does freeze, hold power, camera, and reset buttons. This will send the device into what is known as Bootloader Mode.
    * Connect the Titan back to your computer. Run the baseband radio firmware update, similar to the instructions above.
    * When finished, power cycle again as instructed, holding power and reset buttons to complete the update.”

    But I got the error 382 message. When I got to Bootloader Mode and reconnected, it went back to the Sprint logo screen. Sprint tech support has since had me try a hard reset, and now I can’t even get back to the Bootloader screen. Sprint wants me to send it to the service center for a complete ROM replacement, so I’m now faced with the prospect of being without my phone, which carries quite a bit of data that is essential to my personal and professional life, for some extended period of time. Please help me if you can. Thanks.

  40. rwolff

    I am receiving the 382 error myself. I never installed anything in the past. The steps to retry include the following:

    1 Relock phone
    2 Unlock
    3 Install DCD
    4 Install Radio
    5 Good to go?

    Let me know if this is correct!


    Rich Wolff

  41. Dustin

    I did the whole gps thing on XV6800 with no problems. The GPS works great, but I seem to have lost my ability to use my modem Link. Is there a fix for this???

  42. clifton myers

    i tried to enable the GPS on my phone and and now it is locked up on the verizon screen. i tried to hold the power and camera and reset button and it didn’t work… please help me by responding to my email thank you

  43. pete

    how do i relock my phone im getting the 328 error as well i have a sprint mogul it wont active sync any more so i cant install anything what should i do

    1 Relock phone
    2 Unlock
    3 Install DCD
    4 Install Radio
    5 Good to go?

  44. Nelson Hochberg

    Will this work on the XV6700 WM4?

  45. Mike

    How do I get my xv6800 phone back to how it was when I bought it from verizon???

  46. Steve

    This does not work on the Alltel 6800. After the unlock, I got ERROR (328): Invalid Command
    “This Update Utility cannot be used for your PDA Phone.

    At that state, it would not connect with the Active Sync so I could not relock it. I had to get a new phone from Alltel. 🙁

  47. Mike

    Is there a way to get the gps to work using the stock rom?? Its quicker with this one but missing a lot of features and the look isnt as good..