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9 responses to “HP Acquires Palm for $1.2 Billion”

  1. F1

    Great news,
    M&A by HP, an American innovative company, minimum job loss impact!!

    Thank You

  2. SaltyDawg

    As first order of business HP should open up the WebOS so it isn’t so locked down. They should also allow 3rd parties to license it for their devices. WebOS could be the replacement for Windows Mobile that we all expect Android to be.

    I am kind of anxious to see what Palm can do when they have the resources of HP at their disposal. That just seems like a recipe for success.

  3. F1

    I currently have the Palm Pro 850 with MS Mobile 6.1, I have never hated a device as much, nothing works on this phone, it has it’s own mind:

    1.Text messaging sending/incoming if it works: random/delayed hours
    2.Text messaging lacks “time stamp indicator”/random disappearance
    3.”Media player” song “repeat mode”, stops after maximum 2X/ if that!
    4.”Media player” “Next” button does not light up/dead for looks only
    5. Phone can not add *82 or anything else to out going call number
    6.”Missed Call”, first retrieve message,next,what # missed/no indication
    7.Random repeated message “Pic/Video file too large to send/receive”
    8.Repeat of above with triple vibrations until battery dies or is removed
    9.Drops calls, Internet connection at random, even caller ID is random
    10. Has failed to even connect a single time to MS Mobile for update
    11. Don’t forget the “smudge magnet” finish/ Screen invisible outdoors
    12. Barely Audible volume, missed call log almost never logs calls
    11. SPRINT replaced it 4x (all refurbes) in the first 6 months alone
    12. SPRINT Tec support @ Corp.stores unable to address any issues.
    13. SPRINT solution: “MS is very buggy”, “drop your Plan” !
    14. SPRINT Tier 2 tec support noted my account to attempt to flash the phone with Android, but the store refused following the instructions
    15. HTC made it for Palm, neither supports the device! 16. Worst camera phone E V E R period
    17. Poor Battery life

    the good:

    1. Candy bar form factor with touch screen Palm original/Android ideal
    2. Black color
    3. Hack for “forced roaming”
    4. Hack for “Internet sharing”
    5. WiFi

    Most of the above issues are clearly due to MS mobile OS, too bad neither Palm/HTC, MS, or SPRINT have any sense of pride for their product, “you bought it you own it”!

    Thank You

  4. phone

    that a big move

  5. Don Louie

    I’m just glad it’s still an American company that has a place in the market, didn’t want them gobbled up by foreign hands. Web OS is so good and now with HP it will get power

  6. JJ

    The phone has great hardware but like you stated it has a horrible OS. You should install a custom rom or just get the pre. My mom has and she likes it.

  7. F1

    Thanks JJ,

    I remember you sharing that your mom had the Palm Pro 850 last summer, the Pre is too small for me and I don’t know how to go about a “custom Rom”, I would love to get Android on there or even try the Web OS on this device, no help at the SPRINT store as usual.
    I appreciate any guidance you can provide me on that, otherwise, Summer of choices, are just around the corner!

    Thank you

  8. F1


    Nice point of reference!

    Thank You much!