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3 responses to “HP Drops Palm Branding, Announces HP webOS 2.0, French Pre 2 Launch This Week”

  1. Christopher Price

    To clarify, HP currently is only dropping the Palm name from webOS, not the hardware.

    This is consistent with HP’s plan to make webOS their consumer-facing OS for many devices, including printers and tablets.

  2. Jeff

    Any plans to place webOS on their laptops as a quick boot option? Will Apple do it with their laptops?

  3. Christopher Price

    HP has indicated that this is not a short-term idea. It seems like a no-brainer, I suspect the issue is webOS’s infancy and issues related to maintaining an x86 build of webOS that stays compatible with the ARM build in phones, printers, and tablets.

    Eventually, once HP brings webOS back up to speed (and par) against Android and iOS, I suspect they’ll turn their focus back to these kind of options.

    Aside from what HP has said in public, I certainly believe that a “quick boot” version of webOS for laptops was a major reason why HP acquired webOS… it just isn’t going to happen any time soon.