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12 responses to “HP Drops Plans to Update Original webOS Lineup to 2.0”

  1. Deraildoax

    That doesn’t surprise me. I still have a Sprint Pre and this two year old phone just couldn’t keep up with the newest OS. Maybe if it was a single tasking iphone with fake multi tasking. But as a true multi tasking OS the new card system seems like it might bog this little 600 mhz proc. Even overclocking this proc doesn’t really do enough.

    Even though the Pre3 is only 3G I’m down.

    WTB Pre3 199g. Nerd talk.

  2. aleagirl

    I am not happy about this. I will not be getting these newer phones just to run WebOS 2.0. Maybe the company shouldn’t release software that isn’t compatible with “older” phones. There is nothing wrong with my Pixi. It has treated me better than any other phone I have ever had. I really think this is a ploy to get is to buy the newer phones.

  3. deegeejay

    I’m not happy about this – as an early adopter and supporter I feel like I deserve to be acknowledged. It is small but I’ve been on the fence – if HP doesn’t appreciate me I’ve got other options.

  4. Jason

    I kind of feel like HPalm is a bit of a cop out. I was looking real forward to the update and eventually upgrading to the Pre3. These f*ckers led us on, promising we would get our update and then droped us. Those Droid phones are looking pretty good right now. Shame on you HPalm for getting us hooked on a great OS!

  5. Baltazar

    That’s it, I’m not waiting anymore, I will get an EVO, HP go to hell!

  6. SR

    I just bought a pixi plus hoping to get on to webos 2.0 and now this..

  7. Christopher Price

    Having read through Rubenstein’s comments carefully, I suspect Pre and Pixi may see webOS 3.0 instead.

    webOS 3.0 will have far lower requirements than webOS 2.0, as it is designed to run on printers all the way up to tablets, and smartphones in-between.

    Supporting these older devices is pretty trivial, and betas of webOS 2.0 were already released to developers.

    Right now Palm’s promise to HP is to get webOS 3.0, TouchPad, and webOS-enabled printers out the door pronto, I can’t promise for HP, but I would be more surprised if webOS 3.0 didn’t ship down the road for all webOS devices.

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  9. LGude

    I have owned a Palm ever since the original Palm Pilot was released. I am disappointed that my Pre will not be upgraded to webos 2.0. I do hope that Sprint will carry the Pre 3. If not, I may have to switch to an android. My wife and kids all have android phones and they just aren’t as good as the Palm Pre.

  10. BillsT

    Im glad that I can finaly give up on my Pre and get Epic or Evo Shift! I have been waiting for update for this slow machine for so long and now we have been cut out of the line…. Good luck to Palm or HP with their new devices, hopefully they will not betried their new customers

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