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8 responses to “HP Fire Sale on TouchPad Starting Tomorrow: $99.99 for 16GB and $149.99 for 32GB”

  1. Jeff

    Can you install another, currently supported OS?

  2. monkeyfurbal


  3. RW

    Who cares for the price!

  4. Dura

    I agree with RW

  5. Christopher Price

    I suspect with the volume in sales that will occur, especially among the tech savvy, that this device will likely see many hacking projects that will yield conversion to other platforms.

    There’s not a whole lot stopping the TouchPad from running Android or MeeGo.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if HP doesn’t continue to update the TouchPad as a reference platform, while looking for a buyer for webOS, or possibly continuing to support it as a SaaS play for handset manufacturers seeking an alternative to Android.

    By getting a userbase of a half million TouchPad owners, on top of a couple million existing webOS users, there’s not a lot stopping HP from pitching webOS as the platform still gunning for third place. Windows Phone 7 does not have a dominant stake on that position just yet, despite what Nokia may protest (too much).

  6. Christopher Price

    Cannot confirm yet, but we have unverified reports of webOS phones having similar price cuts, even no-contract pricing. If you really want a webOS phone, you may also want to get in line at your local Best Buy tomorrow.

  7. Kim

    I just got one at office depot 149.00

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