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5 responses to “HP Makes Good on Claim it’s Hiring for Open webOS”

  1. giantslor

    Thanks for this article. It’s nice to know someone is keeping up on this story.

  2. M Jones

    Nice article, I find it hilarious that Meg Whittman LIED to the webOS staff all while secretly trying to SELL webOS to the Highest bidder. Now Micro$oft Bi*ch Slaps Meg (Witless) Whittman in the face with the announcement that they have their own Hardware Tablet for Windows 8, how ironic, talk about poetic justice!

  3. Christopher Price

    To be clear, Whitman didn’t lie to the webOS team. She said that she was entering a chaotic reorganization, and was not sure what to do with webOS.

    Having another company acquire webOS probably would have been a favorable outcome to the webOS team. Android is getting a lot more love as an open source project inside Google, than webOS is at HP. Ask the Enyo team leads that were hired away by Google…

    But, at the end of the day, the options to buy webOS were weak, due to the state of the platform. It’s possible HP could try to sell webOS later on, once Open webOS ships. But I doubt that will happen.

  4. eid88

    We’ll see if HP can throw more resources into webOS with MS making its own tablets. HP dropping webOS altogether is still possible esp if no OEMs pick up the hardware slack but HP isn’t likely successful with android – not with Motorola, Samsung dominating that scene. So sticking with WebOS and keeping it alive may be the cheapest option.

  5. Modeerf

    Hard to believe they will ship Open webOS by September 1? They are already well ahead of schedule and the releases for the community edition have shown a significant amount of work that has been done.

    webOS may never live again outside of hobbyists, but HP seems to be making good on their promise to continue to develop the platform. Are they doing it because they see google/motorola possibly causing friction with other android OEM’s, probably. But they are doing it nonetheless.