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10 responses to “HP Palm webOS 2.0 Upgrade Debacle, Timeline Edition”

  1. Josh

    Is a timeline without dates really a timeline?

  2. Bruno V

    It’s been just over a year now since Flash was demo’d on a PrÄ“- at CES 2010. Now I’m seeing what appear to be HTML5 embedded YouTube videos – they act like they’re going to play something, but they won’t link to the YouTube app.

    I do NOT want to use Android (for some of the same reasons you discontinued their advertising), yet to stay with Sprint’s generous data plans…

    HP did nothing to tamp down expectations before February, without a single commitment from a carrier. I feel like I did during the Gil Amelio era at Apple. Maybe that just shows I’m a masochist? I wish I knew…

  3. Paul Parr

    Looks like my long line of iterations from my original Handspring has to come to an end.

  4. Jane

    Excuse me for not knowing how all of this stuff works, but I have to ask: If it’s up to the carriers what is it going to take to make them decide to give it to more people? Does allowing us users of, say, the Palm Pixi Plus benefit them overall or do they want to surpress it to add appeal to the newer devices?

  5. Josh

    But it kind of lacks perspective without dates.

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  7. Tim

    I wonder if they’ll explain why we shouldn’t expect them to abandon the Pre Plus 2, etc. within the next year just like they’ve abandoned the Pre Plus, etc. now. Does anyone else feel the words “death knell” might be appropriate here?

  8. John

    Well for one Tim the Pre 2 has enough power to actually handle the aforemented flash(Voice dialing is just held back as video recording is on. The iPhone and 3G models without jailbreaking.) and the fact that it can run more then one thing without that single or whatever other apps are running having used up all the memory(Aka non Plus phones. Most users have the original Pre.) Plus these are the first phones actually responsible by HP. HP is a brand I trust as a small business owner and their products are well supported. I suspect an ‘Oprah Moment’ might occur for those left without an upgrade. Can’t complain if you get a new phone or even $100 credit to either your bill or next phone as currently Pre phones are practically worthless. Even if we did get the upgrade most people would be unhappy with the end result. This wy the customer will gain the most. And lets face it people threatening to leave. WebOS currently barely has any marketshare. Consider: Worse than Windows Mobile/WP7. Technically they could care less about current customers and move onto uh…..99% of the remaining markets customers. I’m glad the outrage and HP/Palm feeling a little afraid is going to benefit us all though. Us consumers deserve it.

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