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5 responses to “HP Releases TouchPad’s Android Debug Kernel Source Code”

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    […] HP Releases TouchPad’s Android Debug Kernel Source Code | If a company like hp, finally released the kernel source for hptouchpad.. why not micromax :/ __________________ I used to love symbian, until i took an arrow in the knee.. […]

  2. l300lvl

    This is what ticks me off, and I don’t mean to be harsh but it really hits a nerve. The simple fact here that is most obvious, is that none of this so called released source can now be considered complete. Considering all the different parties involved, there is absolutely no telling what they removed or changed in the process, meaning we don’t have the entire source. There are many ways this can be achieved and by the time something may be noticed it could be to late, they could simply implement a bug that wasn’t present before and claim they released a revised source in which this bug was born. It could have even been planned from the beginning just to show their sponsors how much they can really get away with.

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