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5 responses to “HP Rolls Out webOS 2.1 for Pre 2”

  1. Fernando De Gasperis

    I just installed 2.1 on my unlocked Pre2. New features I noticed right away:

    – Voice dialing: it works quite well, even when I say a partial name (first or last name only) it gives me a list with the possible matches.
    – Exhibition mode: I’ll be probably leave it in the calendar mode since I only doc it at night prior to going to bed.
    – Faster browser: Pages seem to come up significantly more quickly than before. I really like it.
    – The HP logo pulsating effect (when the phone is booting up) seems overly done . I know HP is not known for its sense of style, so please leave the styles, transitions and visual effects to the UI gurus at the Palm team. 🙂
    – Apps appear to load faster but the initial transition from the app pulsating logo into the app’s initial card were sometimes without the usual transition, it just snapped into place the same unpolished way Android apps load.


  2. JJ

    Do you live in the us? If so do you use att with your unlocked pre2? Also what kind of download and upload speeds are you getting? I need a world phone and this looks like a good fit coming from android.

  3. Fernando De Gasperis


    I live in Los Angles and my unlocked Pre2 is with T-Mobile. Download/upload speeds are much lower than what I was used to get with my Pre- on Sprint. It doesn’t affect me very often since I’m almost always near a wifi hotspot, although as soon as the Pre3 becomes available I am moving to Verizon. The two GSM providers here in the U.S., AT&T and T-Mobile offer, in general, inferior data and voice quality (at least here in LA) compared to their CDMA counterparts Verizon and Sprint.


  4. Jt

    tmobile’s 3g is very slow…
    I live in N.CA.

  5. Christopher Price

    FYI for those unaware, the Pre 2 will not run at 3G speeds on T-Mobile, you are only running GSM/EDGE on the Pre 2’s frequencies on T-Mobile.

    You also aren’t getting 3G voice quality, either.