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5 responses to “HTC Announces HTC 7 Pro for 1H2011 on Sprint”

  1. JJ

    By that time next year I’ll be on the evo2 and will not care at all about microsoft. Especially since copy and paste still wont be updated till next year anyway. I thought copy and paste wasn’t that big of a deal but I find myself using it everyday.

  2. JJ

    If this phone is not 4g then I might be trying it out. So far the 4g I have tried isn’t that big of a deal. If I can get rid of this $10 premium fee that will be a good thing.

  3. cj

    sprint really needs more non keyboard devices. this is getting ridiculous

  4. F1

    Save your money and aggravation,
    by this time next year, Microsoft will have lost millions more of MS Mobile customers, and as a result will have to significantly cut back on selection and advertising cost, it will slowly but surely join it’s next of “KIN”!

    Thank You

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