9 responses to “HTC Announces Touch Pro”

  1. SaltyDawg

    I want it! We need info on a USA release!

  2. parrott84

    I was super pumped when the Mogul was coming out, as I was coming from a treo 700wx. My excitement wasn’t anything close to what I am looking forward to from this phone. This phone answers most of the missing functions on the Mogul. This phone should be the all inclusive features from day one device that Sprint has been lacking.

  3. Tony

    WOW! This device looks great! Gotta have it, hurry up Sprint and get it to the people!

  4. Jeff

    This device on Sprint can’t get here quick enough. It has every single feature that would make me make the jump completely from the Palm Tx I have, and pick up the push email on WM 6.1 that I was looking to get with the Treo 800W.

    Assuming it’s not a complete flop on Sprint, it’s a day-one purchase for me.

  5. 1411

    I just orderd mine 😀 yaaaahhhhh Now all im wating for is AUG to come around

  6. ryan

    looking forward to this and the diamond (w/ 4g internal mmry)…although, i will have to play with one before i switch…i also wanna see what the diamond feels like, and what the on-screen qwerty is like on it before i choose between the two…i must say though, Sprint needs to get both of them here ASAP.

  7. marek

    Lets hope that Sprint this time doesn’t strip the wifi out of it like they did with the original Touch (and hopefully leaves the aGPS in it as well).

  8. Jay Cote

    HTC phones are junk!! I had a HTC touch that died in 6 weeks!!!!! And to top it off they replace it with a refurbrished model that will take months to get back! Shame on HTC!

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