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6 responses to “HTC Customer Support Confirms Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update”

  1. HTC Customer Support Confirms Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update – | Everything about Gingerbread

    […] Link: HTC Customer Support Confirms Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update – […]

  2. tombot3000

    Great! Now REALLY release it on July 1st or June 30th Verizon, otherwise it (the update) was a lie or just a false rumor.

  3. Joe Beck

    Will the update do anything for the poor battery life? I just bought a Thunderbolt and the battery life is terrible, worst I have ever had with any phone. I really like the phone but truely am considering bringing it back for an Iphone4

  4. Leak: Gingerbread update on June 30 - Page 3

    […] 6 times Originally Posted by acles003 Posted on Twitter early this morning: "@androidandme: New post: Leak: Thuderbolt OTA update coming June 30th with Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread and Amazon Appstore pre-installed… Leak: Thunderbolt OTA update coming June 30th; Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Amazon Appstore pre-installed – Android and Me " Sent from my HTC Thunderbolt using Tapatalk There are so many links and stories out there, that we will just have to wait and see, or hope and pray and may be even cry a little bit. But one day, hopefully in the very near future (June 30th), all our hopes and prayers will be answered and the Thunderbolt will finally be all that it is suppose to be. Click on the link below for more information. HTC Customer Support Confirms Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update | […]

  5. mafianfan

    Joe dial *#*#4636#*#* then settings phone network evdo + LTE to cdma auto

  6. Lando

    I just spoke to a VZW representative over the phone about the re-booting issue with my TB and the lady told me that they know about the issue and that there is an update due to come out around mid July she said 13th or 14th around that time frame. But she didnt say if it was going to be Gingerbread or not, just that it was an update to fix the issues with the TB. Thought yall might want to know!!