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2 responses to “HTC Eliminates Locked Bootloader Policy After Customer Outcry”

  1. Jim

    And what is this going to do to carrier OEM contracts with HTC? Heck, even Microsoft couldn’t put open tethering on WP7 phones because they said “carriers have taken onership of tethering functionality”. So what’s to stop them from “taking ownerhip” of bootloaders too? I fear this reversal of policy won’t last. Carriers will see to that.

  2. spepper

    Let’s see if HTC will follow through with this “policy”– by that I mean only if HTC allows the retailing or consumer-access to the unlocked versions of the same models that are “sold” (more like contracted….huge difference) by the carriers. If HTC does not take the next step and make the unlocked versions available, or (insert favorite deity here) forbid, pursue legal action (think Apple) against the reselling of unlocked versions, then their new “policy” will be nothing more than a charade……