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12 responses to “HTC EVO 3D to Feature 800MHz CDMA Support, Sprint Stays Silent”

  1. bottomline

    Can someone please enlighten me on what all this means??!!

  2. x

    it means better rural and deep indoor coverage is coming, without having to roam as much. rumors are the network upgrades will start later this year.

  3. Grant

    re bottomline: This means that the evo 3d and future sprint phones will have better coverage and better building penetration. Sprint operates in the 1900 mhz spectrum band. The lower the mhz, the better the building penetration and the wider the coverage area per tower.
    Sprint is phasing out the Nextel iden network which operates in the 800 Mhz band. They are in the process of upgrading the network to support multiple spectrum bands on a single base station, otherwise they would have to have several different stations/towers to run the different frequencies, which is far more expensive.
    By transitioning the 800mhz from iden network to the cdma netork, They will not only be able to increase the coverage area drastically, but also cut costs in half by being able to shut down the Nextel network.

    In other words, It is very good news and will benifit sprint and its customers.

  4. bottomline

    Thank u

  5. KikoBe

    No LTE support 🙁

  6. Samuel

    Nope, their still going with Wimax.

    But they may supplement the Wimax network, which will in essence work as a backbone, with an LTE network. Possibly from Lightsquared.

    However LS’s recent trial showed beliefs that their band can interrupt GPS as true and the air force is very angry.

    I hope Sprint doesn’t sign on with Lightsquared or it may be worse than the Nextel purchase.

  7. DP

    “SPRINT is obligated to turn 800MHz (iDEN) over in 2013 to the U.S.D.H.S and other federal agencies”

    Source, please.

    You’re Welcome

  8. F1

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  9. Ron Overdrive

    @Grant, 800mhz having better building penetration then 1900mhz? My time as a ham radio operator tells me otherwise. Higher frequencies have better building penetration then lower frequencies, but have shorter ranges per watt output where as lower frequencies are the opposite having greater range, but less object penetration. In this case putting CDMA on 800mhz would increase the range of their cell sites granting greater coverage nothing more. Its more efficient and safer then pumping out more power from the transceiver to achieve the same results on their current 1900mhz band. Any increase in signal strength while in a building is due to the lower frequency band’s ability to hold onto the energy longer at the same range as the higher frequency band which loses more energy the farther it travels.

  10. Trippindude

    How is this any different than the CDMA 800mhz band range that all phones have now? This is anything new, is it? All phones have had this capability for some time now, right?

  11. DP

    The 800MHz SMR spectrum which Nextel iDEN currently is using is different from the cellular A/B spectrum that carriers like Verizon use. Now that Sprint is re-farming that iDEN spectrum for use with their CDMA network it takes new handsets to utilize that spectrum. Older handsets with “normal” 850MHz support can’t use it.

  12. Josh

    thanks for clarifying DP, I thought that was the case but I wasnt certain