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4 responses to “HTC HD2 for T-Mobile to See ROM/RAM Increase”

  1. Christopher Price

    Anyone else think it’s a little sad that we’ve had to wait eight years for a device like this?

    Toshiba sold via Audiovox the e550g over hear in 2002, with a beautiful 4-inch screen. Then Toshiba went the ODM route, lost their target audience (us) with bad hardware, and the 4-inch Genio PDAs faded into a world of 2.8-inch crud.

  2. Josh P

    The HTC HD2 still has a lot of bugs. One is the SMS delay bug, where SMSes are not sent. There are many others, which have been published.

    Microsoft is lucky that Opera makes a decent browser for Windows Mobile (the standard Internet Explorer is slow and unusable. Business users with Windows Mobile applications should stay with a traditional WinMo phone with stylus, as there are incompatibilities with many legacy Windows Mobile apps and the capacitive screen of the HD2.

  3. JJ

    So far I love my touch pro 2 with sprint and a Windows 6.5 with htc sense rom. This phone looks promising. Hope it comes to Sprint.

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