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9 responses to “HTC HD7 Pro Revealed, Headed to Sprint in United States”

  1. c

    Until they bring back the ability to increase the font in windows 7 phone i’m holding off. This is a basic feature that windows mobile has always had. It’s also one of the main reasons i’m sticking with blackberry for now.

  2. sean

    you are an idiot to think that. the phone is light years beyond blackberry. blackberry should call themselves Retards in Motion. this is why they have been left behind in the development of smart phones because they never put R & D into it. now all they have is the enterprise and they are losing that too. I was a BB user for 5 plus years. piece of garbage. i might as well browse on a TI-83 calculator, it will be better.

  3. Matthew Fifer

    “i might as well browse on a TI-83 calculator, it will be better”

    Wow, I hope that’s sarcasm, I had a TI-83 back in high school, and I know they certainly were not that advanced 10 years ago. I would be amazed if Texas Instruments had moved that far along.

  4. bottomline

    Can anyone tell me if this device will be compatible with “Free & Clear” legacy plans??


    Those are obviously pictures of the HTC 7 PRO… With the 3.6″ screen and the physical keyboard.

    *** You should correct your page and not list it as the HTC HD7 PRO. Which insinuates a 4.3″ screen with a keyboard ala HD7 from T-Mobile Pro meaning with a Keyboard.

    Unless you can confirm a rumor that the HD7 PRO is coming to Sprint as I cannot find any evidence of that device.


    Fair enough… However… You cannot tell me that those are actual shots of the phone… Just use your imagination… If that is a 4.3″ screen… That phone has an almost 6″ diagonal case… Not what you would call pocketable and close to the size of an eReader. You call them live shots… I call them recycled shots of the 3.6″ 7Pro.

  7. Jeff

    I suspect that sprint will most likely, or least try to, force their everything plans on windows phone 7, but I hope I am wrong. If they do then they will probably continue to offer Windows Mobile 6.5 phones for a limited period of time to support people with grandfathered plans and eventually the only choice will likely be to upgrade your plan to get a decent new phone. Sad, but just my opinion, I remember the old days of sprint where it did not matter what plan you had, you could get any phone they offered without being hassled about your plan. Seems that those days have grown further distant since the release of the first Instinct phone which was sprint’s first everything plan required phone. 🙁