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12 responses to “While HTC is Contemplating ICS, Acer Delivers Android 4.0 for its Tablets”

  1. Jeff

    It feels that even Apple has slowed down its software updates.

  2. aa

    difficult “straits”

  3. Gabriel

    Where is the quote from HTC that it was still contemplating HTC Flyer Ice Cream Sandwich update? Would be greatr if it did it!

  4. Christopher Price

    Don’t have the quote with me, but HTC told me directly that they have not finalized the list of devices that will receive ICS. Tablets are still TBD, as are possibly other smartphones which have not yet been committed for upgrade.

  5. Vaclav

    Great. If HTC don’t release 4 for Flyer – my next tab is Samsung.

  6. Stocklone

    I own the Flyer. Bought it on day 1. Honeycomb is crap compared to ICS. If HTC wants to screw me over, that’s fine. They better not expect me to buy my next product from them.

  7. Poster

    Agree, if htc doesn’t release ICS for their tablets im switching brands

  8. Bliss

    I have the HTC Flyer and Scribe pen. Besides note taking and websurfing my primary use of this well built device was for GPS navigation. After updating my Flyer to Honeycomb my GPS has become too flaky to be any use. This is totally unacceptable. I will never buy another HTC phone or tablet if HTC does not update the Flyer to ICS as soon as possible.

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  10. William

    I bought 2 evo tablets for Christmas and if they decide not to upgrade not only will i change to samsung on my tablets but i also have 3 HTC phone i will also change to a different manufacturer. HTC will lose me and im shore many others as customers for ever. I think its a slap in the face to someone that buys a product and a month later new software is released and not updating a product they still sold at the time of the software release.

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