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4 responses to “HTC Issues SMS Timestamp Fix For Sprint/Alltel Touch Pro”

  1. JJ

    A little too late. They just replaced my touch pro with a touch pro 2 and I haven’t looked back.

  2. EDC

    @ jj: How did you get your touch pro replaced?

  3. Christopher Price

    Sprint ESRP has periodically advised replacing Touch Pros because of issues with the device. However after MR1 and the release of this patch, they pulled that advisory. Too many people with ESRP were abusing the system and bringing in working Touch Pros, complaining of phantom device issues… in order to get a free upgrade to a Touch Pro 2.

    If you have had at least a few legitimate Touch Pro failures, you may still be able to get a Touch Pro 2 under ESRP or warranty, but it is not a guarantee by any stretch.

  4. JJ

    Exactly what christopher price said. My touch pro was replaced 3 times in a 4 week period. 1st one was the bezel then the keyboard and then the volume button. Then the last replacement they sent me was all scratched up and they told me to send that back. In the end a supervisor had to order the phone for me which wasn’t even guranteed.
    So like christopher said, if you really have a ligitimate issue and it have had to replace your tp several times then they may give you the option for the tp2.
    They actually tried getting me into a palm pro or the htc snap. They must be out their mind switching me to a snap or pro.