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12 responses to “HTC Launches Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Sprint Touch and Mogul”

  1. Jaz

    Has anyone done this update after doing the unofficial update from a couple of weeks ago? I noticed that the rom has changed slightly from 3.03.651.2 to 3.03.651.4. Is this update more stable than the first unofficial update?

  2. Mike

    Anyone have feedback on the keyboard update for the touch??

    I have had the touch and mogal and Instinct plus every other phone out there. I am on the 800w now but I would revisit the touch for my other line if the keyboard is now a true full keyboard.


  3. Jaz

    The new qwerty keyboard is awesome. It took just about a day to get used to it. But I type faster on it now and makes the touch even better. The only now that can beat the touch is the Touch Diamond when it comes to US. Of course the main thing is GPS. I love having built in GPS now. It works awesome with Microsoft Live Search.

  4. ryan rydell

    is this one any different from the on phonenews supplied a few weeks back…mine seems to be working just fine on the first one from a few weeks ago…so if not, i won’t waste my time.

  5. Christopher Price

    The update is slightly different… you should re-apply the update. The PRI was updated, and the only way to get that updated is to re-flash the device with the new update.

  6. NEW3R TG

    Great looking keypad. iPhone watch out…..

  7. Jaz

    Yep. It is not worth it to get the iPhone with all the features this phone had and now has. If the HTC Diamond just makes the Touch better then iphone will be out of the running. iphone will need to step it up or allow other type of plans to work on it. As of now I will not rebuy the iPhone.

  8. Christopher Price

    Jaz, iPhone 3G allows for any AT&T plan to work with it. You do have to buy one at a higher cost, but you can use it even on any prepaid plan.

  9. Jaz

    Is it cheaper to buy an iphone with a new plan and then cancel or should I just pay the high price of ebay?

  10. Christopher Price

    Right now, it’s probably cheaper to buy as a new customer. We don’t see any phone that would make up the $200 disparity between the $199/$299 and $399/$499 pricing.

    Please start a thread in the iPhone forum, inside the Forums, as this is off-topic discussion.

  11. Jaz

    Has anyone had a problem with the phonebook after doing the 6.1 update on their HTC Touch? The letters on the right side of my phonebook that help you find a contact dissapear after a while and I have to do a soft reset to get them back. Has anyone had this issue?

  12. Angel

    I’ve been pondering and doing some research on the HTC. I’ve seen mixed reviews, mostly positive. I have a Centro, and I’m looking for something with a larger screen for browsing. I will also be using this for business purposes, but not corporate, as I have a home business.