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12 responses to “HTC: No Simultaneous 3G Voice/4G Data on HTC Evo 4G (Updated)”

  1. EP

    Not so fast…

    …Sprint says they’re still testing things, and that simultaneous voice calls while using data over WiMax is to be determined.

  2. Don't Care

    Still getting one – will be my first smart phone.. been holding out a looooooong time for Sprint to wow me. They’ve done it. Cheaper plans than anyone else as well..

  3. Informed

    Your title is contradicting and misleading, Sprints says’ “it’s in the testing faze.”

  4. Dave

    Continue to hold out, if you can, until the end of the year. More amazing things are coming than this.

  5. Lia

    Oh, now that’s just not fair! More amazing things? Like what? You can’t just say something like that and not say anything else! Heck, with the rapid evolution of tv tech these days, I’m thinking of holding out for a holodeck. What’s next with a phone? A transporter? Besides making 3-D glases to use them with, I can’t think of much more than increasing speed and memory….

  6. Christopher Price

    Informed, the comment from Sprint was in response to articles already run on the matter. We updated the article when Sprint clarified their original comment. The article title was based on the information provided before Sprint clarified the original information.

  7. DonMegga

    Hold out longer? More amazing things are coming? Well… of course there are, that’s the nature of technology… if you keep holding out you will never get anything! The question is, HOW much more amazing? This one is clearly way beyond any of the devices currently offered by sprint! That being said, the end of the year should bring us more exciting things (WP7) , but will they be much much more amazing than this, or just with slightly better specs? And, will 9 more months of waiting really be worth it? I say, if your ready to upgrade now, do it…

  8. josh

    Thats true. Amazing things will always be coming. But I have to say, this phone is one hell of a job. It looks sleek, has a good camera, huge internal memory, great processor and did I say that it looks awesome?

    Since I lost my phone, I think this is the one ill be getting when its out

  9. Freddy2Fred

    I wont be surprised if they cant do it. I rather be on the iPhone HD

  10. nanfy

    Ask ATT

    “Voice+Wi-fi=Yes, Voice+EDGE= No, Voice+3G=Yes, Voice+4G=Ask us to 2011 or 2012″

  11. informed

    Did you not comprehend? Sprint is currently testing simultaneous voice/data. Have fun with your rehashed “iphone hd.”

  12. The Dark Lord

    I agree, with technology you have to one day make a hard stop and say I need a new phone now and buy the current technology or you will wait forever! I really like talking and surfing at the same time. I was only waiting for sprint to get this phone and 4G, because everybody at Sprint said this will be the time when Voice + Data will be possible at the same time.
    Now I do not like AT&T and Verizon very much, because I think they simply overcharge for what they offer! Specifically Verizon. You pay all this money and you cannot make calls and do data stuff! YGTBSM!

    Anyway, I am disappointed that sprint may not get this done … takes most of the excitement out of me. I like sprint and their plans and what they offer, I hope they figure this one out, I am sure this handicap will make many people re-think this phone and sprint twice!