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3 responses to “HTC Pushes Out EVO 4G Memory Card Storage Fix, Breaks Root”

  1. F1

    How I miss those days of pride in “Quality Control”!

    “Ein zeichen der Qualitaet”, in the age of firmware updates, the consumer is left to baby sit their purchase, right of the bat, no longer simply enjoying your brand new toy,
    now you first, of course, after you sign the dotted line, make sure that it works, obviously it is not a toaster, so it is best,
    for your long term peace of mind, to spend a significant amount of time to check the various features, sadly,you simply can not take any function for granted nowadays, i.e a simple data transfer on the “included MicroSD” card, even if it is the countries inaugural 4G cellular phone,
    the SPRINT 4G EVO!

    Thank You

  2. bottomline

    For all u naysayers out there, continue to wallow in yur own sea of sorrow…Personally, im loving my Evo !!! It is truly a fantastic device !

  3. F1

    @ bottomline

    Congrats & hope you get to enjoy your new phone!

    Just wondering, once you have chance, if you could clarify a couple of facts with us:

    1.Does the screen have an anti-smudge coating a la i Phone 3GS?
    2.Can you see the screen clearly when you are outside, in the sun?
    3.Was an HDMI cable included in the package
    4.If you are in a 3G or 4G area, how is the battery power keeping up?

    Thank You