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4 responses to “HTC Responds to Class Action, Class Action Fires Back”

  1. seymour

    HTC should just fix the the problem, but if they wont why doesn’t the phone companies
    who brand these phones do something about it?,
    or how about Qualcomm and ATI, seems like none of the big companies
    (who have really deep pockets) are doing a thing, and so the consumers are getting screwed yet again.

  2. Randy

    How can HTC lie so blatantly. The chipset has ATI hardware built in. The HTC press release simply says “they don’t use the ATI hardware”…as in..smoke and mirrors…should be read “while we are NOT telling you that the hardware isn’t included, what we are TRYING to spin to you is that we didn’t include the drivers to access the ATI hardware, therefore we can lie and accurately say that HTC does NOT use the ATI hardware”…and so playback is slow and choppy, scrolling up/down emails slow, because the processor is processing all the graphics…instead of the separate graphics ATI hardware being fingered for graphics, and the processor for the programs….and so the class action lawsuit. Make the drivers so we can have the damn phone we were all led to believe we were buying.

  3. cloud

    yup! the article is saying the truth. i still have my cingular 8125 also known as the wizard and i’ve seen huge difference that let me revert back on using my older 8125 than my kaiser. evethough the older one has only half the power of the kaiser, it still plays movies better. it’s somehow not worthit to carry the kaiser around because of this dissapointment. the kaiser is heavier, slower, and eats up battery faster compared to 8125 which is the very opposite

  4. JohnForger

    You know, if we just showed up outside of their headquarters in Bellevue, WA–which is only a short drive from my house in Seattle–and protested, media attention would come. That usually makes big companies do what they ought.