HTC S522 (Maple) for T-Mobile Approved by FCC

The FCC has approved a version of the HTC S522/Snap for T-Mobile USA owing to support for the W-CDMA 1700 AWS band used by T-Mobile’s rapidly expanding 3G network.


The device is expected to be greatly improved over the Excalibur/Dash with a QVGA landscape display, Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, dual-band GSM/EDGE, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios, Qualcomm 7501a with 256MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM running at 528 MHz, speakerphone, and 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder.

What is not known is the status of HTC’s Inner Circle software which prioritizes email based on contact importance, as leaked T-Mobile ROM builds have surfaced via testers without the functionality present. HTC still plans to release an unlocked US version this summer with support for 850/1900 W-CDMA access.

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One response to “HTC S522 (Maple) for T-Mobile Approved by FCC”

  1. milkbone98

    Personally, I’m psyched, I love my Dash@6.1, this can only surpass it. I may even finally upgrade after 1.5 years of being OOC. Well, maybe not, unbranded for me 😉