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21 responses to “HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread Update Pulled Due to Voicemail Bugs”

  1. Nick

    if gingerbread getting delayed isn’t bad enough, i dont even fucking have a voicemail set up!! i dont use it!!!! why did they have to pull the whole update?? couldn’t it just be optional?!?!!?!?!

  2. Ruben

    I got the update, but my phone is not working. I can’t make any calls, I can hear the person but they can’t hear me at all. Went to Verizon and there fix was to pull the battery. It worked for and hour then I had to pull the battery out again. This has to be done everytime I need to call. They told me to wait for the fix. Next day I went back because I need my phone to work, so they offered to send a new one, but I have to wait a week. Huh a week?????

  3. jason

    I agree. I hate voicemail. I just want my sms txt to got to the rightful destination. Way more important.

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  6. ron

    That’s why you use google voice you moron!

  7. Jon

    Yea, I use G-Voice… there is apparently a way to put it on the SD and reboot to get the update. If the only issue is voicemail, is there any reason not to manually update?

  8. djf

    Pisses me off!!! the phone would be great if it did and or had what it was suppose to have from the get go!! i think they ought to buy back all accessories, phones etc, and let us get a different one!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. paul

    i agree with djf….we should be allowed to get another phone via credit or upgade

  10. SP

    I’ve been saying it for weeks. Verizon and HTC need to man up and admit the TB is a lemon. They need to buy them all back a and let us get new phones. So much promised, so little delivered. Shame on you Verizon Wireless. Shame on you HTC.

  11. xzavier

    I’ve had four replacements on the Thunderbolt all refurbeshed and I even bought the stupid insurance and they still won’t give me a new phone. They offered to give me a replacement phone that was a different model but told me that it would be refurbeshed too. Or as they say “like new certified” can you say sucker…VZW sucks, they ccan kiss my ass

  12. FED UP

    There should be a class action suit for this. People paid ALOT of money for this phone that doesn’t work. We should reimbursed or at the very least be able to get a different phone of OUR. choosing.

  13. john

    I just updated to 2.3 on my thunderbolt and another issue that popped up for me is some websites I visit I can’t use the dropboxes that I was able to use with 2.2. That really pisses me off. anyone else have the same problem?

  14. complainersDie

    To all the fucking cry babies that rooted their phones you get what you deserve I love mine best phone and I have an atrix like my tb
    better so screw you whiny douches

  15. JoJo199

    Seriously complainersDie ? Learn to fucking type you retard. That didnt even make sense… Lol you were probably educated in Florida so I guess you get a pass. Oh BTW Fuck you verizon wireless. Heres the real deal people…. The thunderbolt isnt a lemon, whats happening is the callorabation between HTC and Verizon isnt happening. There were 7 test builds signed by verizon gingerbread ones! and all 7 had the same issues…The only thing that was fixed and updated was verizons bloatware. Its not HTCs fault its plain and simply verizons fault. Verizon is tea bagging us thunderbolt owners.

  16. shea

    That’s y I got my tb ROOTED cuz i couldn’t deal with waiting

  17. My TB voicemail works...

    So my thunderbolt updated to 2.3.4 about a week ago and I haven’t had any issues with voicemail. The only issues I have had are when my phone changes the person I am texting to which I figured out is always a random other person I have texted before that I hadn’t deleted the texts from–I fixed that by just deleting all my old texts periodically. Also, I randomly can’t download apps from the Market without restarting my phone. Since I rarely restart my phone, it’s probably an issue with old temp files not being deleted properly. So in conclusion, I’ve found ways to work with my 2.3.4 update–without rooting—with the minor bugs. I’m just glad I have the update that I’ve been waiting several months for. If I start having voicemail issues, screw voicemail. I’ll just call the person back (if I even want to), lol.

  18. adam

    Wow, I haven’t had any of the problems posted since updating to Gingerbread. Maybe because I have Google VM set up on my phone. The only issues I’ve had so far is VZ Navigator crashes on occasion, and my contact ringtones keep defaulting back to the phone default ringtone.

  19. j

    This phone should have never been released with Froyo. Even as flawed as the update was my phone works so much better. Before my battery would be dead within 4 hours even if I did not use the phone. Now I get at least a day and a half of standby. I am able to use my front facing camera and everything works much smoother then with Froyo. They should have just waited another month and went strait to Gingerbread.

  20. MJ

    I just ordered my HTC and after reading all of this, I sure hope that Gingerbread is released soon. I have a rooted android phone with a different carrier at the moment, but I’m hesitant to root the Thunderbolt. I’ve been reading some absolute horror stories and it sounds like a pain in the ass. God knows I don’t need a bricked phone.

    This thing has GOT to better than the POS I have now. Any website suggestions that might point me in the right direction for a “sure fire” root procedure that isn’t likely to brick my shiznitt?

  21. CC514

    MJ, do a quick google search for “unrevoked revolutionary” and click the link to the URL

    this is a tool from the same guys that make Unrevoked to root other HTC phones. this tool does not (DOES NOT) grant root access… but what it does is obtain s-off, which allows you to flash custom roms. you can pick your rom of choice (rooted of coarse) and install. totally painless…. s-off takes less then 5 minutes. the bulk of your time will be spent flashing the rom.