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5 responses to “HTC Thunderbolt Release Confirmed for Thursday”

  1. Douglas Bushman

    Just confimred with Verizon REP by telephone and he has confirmed this infoprmation that Thunderbolt is to be released Thursday March 17th
    tim eof my call was 3-14-11 @ 5:40 PM PST

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  4. Matt

    First let me start out by saying I am not a internet know it all or someone that starts rumors but I just learned the following. I spoke to a Verizon Rep (I will not say if it was a store or corporate. Don’t want someone to get in trouble). They first told me they had no info to give me but then said I probably want to check back on the rumor date I heard (March 17). That was after they said I can’t give out release dates.

  5. jon

    I was really interested until I found out there’s no HDMI outlet.