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14 responses to “HTC Thunderbolt Users Upgrading to Rezound Batteries, $20 from Verizon”

  1. Hanz

    is this true? can anyone confirm that the HTC rezound battery works with the HTC thunderbolt and has more capacity? thanks

  2. chach
  3. chach

    even the standard battery is $39.99… i dunno where they got their info… maybe verizon got wind of the article and jumped the price…

  4. It's true!

    The info in the article is correct. You have to add the item to your cart before the price changes to $19.99. Also, if you get type of discounts from Verizon on your account, you cannot be logged into your account when ordering because discounts do not stack and it will give you your default discount instead of the one that drops it to $19.99. I just bought one off their website today (11/23/11) for $19.99 with my credit card.

  5. Christopher Price

    The Verizon site is having issues, we’ve found that for best results you should Log Off of My Verizon before attempting to purchase. Best to use a different web browser with all cookies and cache cleared, if possible.

  6. M Stanley

    Pretty much a worthless blog entry without a specific link to purchase…..

    Please amend and get us some specifics

  7. hanz

    I purchased the battery off the Verizon website last night. I have read on some forums that the battery works. I’ll verify here once I get it and put it in my phone.

  8. M Stanley
  9. Christopher Price

    M Stanley, did you not read where we said the Verizon site is having issues? We’ve walked through how to get it as best as possible… sorry if you think all this hands-on help amounts to a “worthless blog entry”.

    We look forward to seeing you do better next time (not).

  10. Jon

    Does anyone know if the HTC Rezound battery (1620 mAh) can be replaced with the HTC Amaze 4G battery (1730 mAh)?

  11. Meatrocket

    I have a Rezound and went to Verizon today for a case. The rep sold me a regular $59.99 extended battery w/door for $29.99. He said Verizon cut all LTE baterry prices by 50% due to the problem of LTE draining them so quickly.

  12. Hanz

    Alright, I posted earlier that I would verify if the rezound battery works on the thunderbolt. I can confirm that it works with the thunderbolt. I got it yesterday and charged it over night. It’s been running since this morning and I haven’t recharged yet! I still have a quarter juice left with moderate use of the phone, and the phone has been on battery for 15 hours. haven’t had any overheating. it hasn’t broken my phone. I say go for it if you’re thinking about getting one for your thunderbolt.

  13. M Stanley

    Received mine yesterday as well. Phone has been on almost 6 hours with about 30 mins of use and is still at 95%!! So far this is the best $19.95 I have spent!

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