HTC Touch for Sprint Also Upgraded with Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS

Following briefly after our posting of the Windows Mobile 6.1 & Sprint TV upgrade for the HTC Mogul, Sprint’s version of the HTC Touch is also updated.

Like the HTC Mogul, the update adds Windows Mobile 6.1. However, the update also adds gpsOne support, including Sprint Navigation. After the update, you will be able to use GPS services in all supporting applications, such as Google Maps for Mobile and Windows Live Search for Mobile.

The update must be downloaded to a Windows PC, after which the on-screen instructions will guide you through the updating process. Sprint will be posting this upgrade on their servers in the next few days, but you can get it early be accessing our HTC Touch page on the Phone Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia: HTC Touch (CDMA)
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Sprint Firmware Tracker Updated…

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45 responses to “HTC Touch for Sprint Also Upgraded with Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS”

  1. kneeyogi

    This adds EVDO Rev. A also, right?

  2. Jaz

    Its about time!!! Does this block the internet sharing if you don’t use the PAM? Can’t Wait to try it. If anyone tries it let us know how it goes. Don’t Forget to BACK UP!

  3. Matt

    This does include Rev A as well… I’m getting an average of 1.1 Mbps with 2 bars!!! The Touch is finally rock solid and the GPS is awesome (apps like iGO 8 need to be primed with a program like AstroGPSLauncher though).

    All in all… awesome!

  4. blazr2k

    Any word if this fixes the issue of not waking up to ring if the battery goes below 30%?

  5. anon

    wow phonenews, steal otehr people’s work and not give credit? At least give credit to DCD and xda developers. Dont post the ROM up like you guys did anything to get it other than download it and not give credit to the leaker

  6. Jaz

    I am getting error 328: Invalid Command. My phone is at the red, green blue and white screen and it is stuck there for good. Has anybody had this problem?

  7. Andrew

    Worked for me. Now I have to install all of my progs and run through the registry to edit everything again… What a pain. But it is worth it.

    Still waiting for the android development going on for the Touch to be fully operational.

  8. LA Dre

    Jaz i had the same problem, you must be useing window vista to load it, i went and use a pc with window xp and it work, so find a pc with window xp to load it

  9. Andrew

    LA Dre on June 28th, 2008, 10:36 am

    Jaz i had the same problem, you must be useing window vista to load it, i went and use a pc with window xp and it work, so find a pc with window xp to load it

    This is misinformation. I used Vista x64 SP1 and it worked without issue. The instructions are your friend, read them and you will not have issues.

  10. Jaz

    La Dre I used my XP to install the update and it worked like a charm. Thanks for your help. You saved me from having to order a new phone. I also noticed I was using the Vista x32 program and not x64. I think it would have worked with Vista x64. Thanks again for your help.

  11. Feech

    I had the issue with the USB because I haven’t done the service pack upgrade yet. It took awhle but finally it did work.

  12. Rolando

    Does anyone out there have the web site or a link to download windows 6.1 for my htc touch 6900 ?

  13. Rolando

    Christopher Price thanks so much i got it !! 🙂

  14. Rolando

    Christopher i did see that the GPS is not working on my phone with the 6.1 any reason why?

  15. Jaz

    Rolando, like Christopher said, make sure that location is turned on but also try using Google Maps. That is one of the easiest programs to test the new update with GPS on. It took my phone about 20-25 seconds the first time and after that it only takes 10-15 seconds even inside of a building. Although stepping outside to at least lock on to the signal is a good idea.

  16. Jaz

    Has anyone been blocked from using internet sharing on HTC Touch after updating to 6.1?

  17. Carlos

    I updated yesterday and I noticed that next to the little TV icon there’s an icon that looks like sprint’s nav application. Is this correct? Well anyways, i can highlight it but it does nothing. Why is this? Has it happened to anyone else?

  18. Jaz

    Yes. That happened to me the first time. This icon is the Sprint Navigation program. Try resetting the device to get it to work and if that doesn’t work download the sprint navigation cab file and reinstall.

  19. Dwight

    I am having the same problem with the Navigation icon. Where do I find the sprint navigation cab file to down load?

  20. Jaz

    Just go online and in google in “sprint navigation cab file” or htc touch sprint navigation cab file”. I think thats how I found mine. I then put it on my phone and installed the cab file and it worked fine. The only reason I had to reinstall it was because telenav overrides the sprint navigation and it will not work with the internal gps until they update the software. So don’t install telenav.

  21. Jaz has the sprint navigation cab file.

  22. DI

    I just want to thank you all for all of the help and advise that you have given. I just did the update and everything went off without a hitch. Also, I knew exactly what to expect and what to do. Thanks again!!!

  23. Jaz

    Did anyone use the internet sharing using your laptop before the 6.1 Update and now can’t connect unless you do it through PAM? Sprint I think is now forcing the internet sharing to use only PAM to keep track of you.

  24. Carlos

    Yeah the sprint nav program is a free trial and then 10$/month.

    Screw that, I think I’ll stick with Googlemaps and Livesearch.

    Any other recommendations for nav software?

  25. LJ

    I cant use internet sharing on mines via usb and also the Phone as modem connection is hidden for some reason

  26. LJ

    I didnt try it yet but I will let you know if it works

  27. Jaz

    Sprint has blocked internet sharing with 6.1 update except through PAM so they can keep track of you. When you turn internet sharing on it switches from sprint pcs connection to a PAM connection. I tried deleting the internet sharing registry key but that didn’t work. Although i tried usbmodem and pdanet and they both work. Pdanet 2.0 let’s you use bluetooth now. I use a Mac.

  28. LJ

    I tried the method and it works fine

  29. LJ

    use PHM registry editor

  30. Jaz

    I did use phm editor. The connection works but again, it switches to PAM instead of pcs. The problem here is not the 67 error but the fact that it switches to PAM. You don’t want that type of connection unless you don’t mind paying sprint extra for the extra charges.

  31. lj

    Since I did taht mines doesnt switch to PAM

  32. Jaz

    Just tried the registry edit on the internet sharing again and it seems to be working. We’ll see next month when i get the bill.

  33. tc

    Jaz, just wondeirng exactly what’s working again after you edit the registry?

    Do you mean the “sprint PCS” is working again using internet sharing?

    Or do you mean “PAM” is working again using internet sharing?

    Or something else is working?

    Let us know if you get charged extra or not either way. 🙂 I have my fingers crossed for you.

  34. LJ

    no charges 4me

  35. tc


    Would you tell me exactly what REGISTRY changes you made? (The “method” you mentioned on your posting on July 17th, 2008, 9:29 am )



  36. Jaz

    No charges for me either yet. Well see on my next billing period. Good thing now is that the Sprint PAM add on is only $15 if worst comes to worst.

  37. Dang

    Just upgraded to 6.1 seems as though sprint navigation doesnt work…. I checked the phone settings and location is ON. It says that its unable to connect mkae sure phone is on. Does anyone know if this is talk navigation?

  38. rick

    I upgraded my Sprint HTC touch to WM 6.1 today however I cannot get the gps funtion to work with google maps. The computer I used to do the upgrade has windows vista home premium w/ service pack 1. I tried to install active sync 4.5 but it would not install on a vista computer. The RUU install went smoothly however once I downloaded google maps and clicked on use gps it would not find ive tried it sevel times each time outside with a clear view of the sky. I also went to settings>phone>services>location Setting (and its on), I also made sure the external gps under settings is set to com4. Let me know if there is anything else I should try?

  39. Jaz

    The only thing I can recommend is upgrading to 6.1 again but on a windows xp. When I upgraded mine it took about a 35-40 seconds for gps to be recognized. I used both google maps and windows live search. I have also been able to use sprint navigation. Do not install telenav! It has not been updated to work with the touch without external gps unit.

  40. Nate

    If you are running Vista You have to have microsoft mobile. Free download from microsoft. I keep reading about the 6.1 Update and I have the same problem. My question is how exactly do I get sharing back on my phone. I am not that computer savy so a lot of what I’ve read is greek to me.

  41. Brian

    When I try downloading the new version 3.03.651.4 it says “Error 294, Invalid Vendor ID)”. Please HELP!!!