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12 responses to “i wireless Sneaks $50 Unlimited Everything Prepaid onto T-Mobile’s Network (Updated)”

  1. JJ

    When will this plan be available? Looks promising.

  2. 2FR35H

    Now this what tmo needs nationwide

  3. Tony

    I just called and spoke with two reps, but they will not sell outside of Iowa and parts of Illinois. Great deal if you are in those area.

    Where is Phonenews located that you are receiving an i wireless account?

  4. Christopher Price

    Try ordering online. We received confirmation and are supposed to have a tracking number shortly.

  5. Tony

    Yes, I was going to try online but then they require your SS# to check out, and I stopped there.

    How about the actual phone number? Did you try porting or would you be using an assigned number from them? I am very interested in this service if I am able to port my number.

    I would also like to read your review, once you have everything set up.

  6. SaltyDawg

    Wow, this is pretty major news. If you can use any T-Mobile phone, unlimited everything, for $50 a month, that is a great deal.

    I am anxious to know if smartphones like the Cliq or HD2 work, and if you get 3G data or only EDGE.

  7. Nightraider

    One other thing not mentioned. T-mobiles 3G data (UTMS) uses 1700Mhz freq. AWS phones do not work on this freq. for data. Any phone used must have 1700Mhz band installed.

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  9. John

    Hey, when I was living in Rapid City, SD, I-Wireless shipped me out two phones, mind you that was last summer and it was a two year contract. On a side note though, I now live in Minnesota and visited the I-Wireless store in Spirit Lake Iowa last Saturday and got hooked up on the Megatalk Unlimited everything plan for $50 a month. Also, I was able to tether with my current phone. Try calling the I-Wireless store in Spirit Lake, IA to see if they will send phones out to you, I didn’t add their number because I believe we all have basic googling skills.

  10. George

    This is the first time that I heard of a company only offering their products to one State, very interesting, I didnt think companies could do that.

    And while this is an appealing deal for those living in Iowa, its not the best prepaid wireless offered I’ve seen, Straight Talk has an unlimited plan for $45. Its $5 cheaper and available anywhere in the US. For those looking for a prepaid service, check them out, Ive been please.