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18 responses to “In Wake of Metered Data, Frustrated Feature Phone Users Ask Verizon for Change”

  1. Jeff

    In the end, the carriers always win. We have no power other than to leave for inferior services (e.g. Virgin, Sprint, Tmo, etc.).

  2. Ray

    Jeff. I guess Inferior services depend on where you live.

    I have had sprint for over ten years. Unlimited internet, texting…my minutes are only 500 but with any mobile and 7 pm nights and weekends, it fits pretty well.

    I also, with free roaming, I get to use verizon’s towers, so my coverage is simply NOT inferior. I don’t get dropped calls like my frustrated brother with att.

    After the Verizon would not follow the law when dealing with a friend of mine who got jacked by VW and let his phone bill go. To have it go to the Credit file, Sold to a collector…PAID to zero and Verizon refused to take it off his credit. They REFUSED to mark it as paid. Even though at that point my friend had paid it in full. IMO, that’s down right criminal and fraudulant. But imo that is Verizon to the core. I’ll never deal with them.

    Sprint has came along way in the last ten years and the service works for me with not much more than a blip.

    I don’t work for sprint, not invested in sprint…etc, Inferior, well I think you got it backwards. I’d say with corporate greed and mismanagement and not giving a damn about it’s customers Verizon is inferior.

  3. Jeff

    I like Sprint very much and had service with them for years, but they don’t offer the iPhone. IMO, Android phones are inferior.

  4. Grandpa

    Why not just dump smartphones for a good cheap throw away phone. Seems like smartphones are either too expensive, too cripples by data usage, or you have to kill all the features you like because of battery issues.

  5. robbydek

    Well, I was considering upgrading, but now, I’m just waiting until I’m forced to buy a 4G phone or family/shared data comes. I think I’ll get a new iPod touch!
    $30/month for 2GB of data no tethering and no corporate discounts is outrageous! I would consider paying $15/month for 75MB, but only for a smartphone.

    Verizon is the only one with unreasonable data prices. Quality and dependability will only get them so far!

  6. bottomline

    First off, its not inferior service! I’ll stack up Sprint against Verizon any day of the week!! Secondly, the hell with the iPhone, my Evo 3d blows it out’ve the water!! Anyone who voluntarily stays with Verizon(or AT&T for that matter) needs to have their head examined!

  7. bottomline

    Talk about throwing yur $$$ away!! Thats exactly what yur doing if yur with Verizon(or AT&T)!

  8. Jim

    Seems to me the fairest way for Verizon to deal with this is to eliminate unlimited plan grandfathering for ALL phones and automatically switch users over to the 2 Gig plan when contract goes month-to-month or on contracgtn renewals. They want the unlimited plans gone, then they should just phase them out as contracts expire. Otherwise, this is precicely the kind of situation we wind up in. Rediculous.

  9. thatdroidguy

    @Jeff….how can u say android phones are inferior? The only reason apple started adding to the I*hone is because the high end android phones out there. You can let him (jobs) feed you want he says your phone needs and I’ll keep my ability to customize MY android phone. BTW ask Steve how flash is working out on android phones……. lol? Besides once the I* hone comes to your carrier it’s lost cause to stay anyways….ie tiered data!!

  10. JJ

    C’mon on over to sprint. We’d love to have you guys! Plenty of data to go around, not to mention the evo family and for those that have been brainwashed sprint will soon carry the iphone.

  11. jhckstp

    I’d take an iPhone over any android any day. The only one argument I always hear android users say about their phones is I can customize it. Big Deal! The iPhone is much more stable and has a much cleaner/easier to use UI for the MAJORITY to use. It also has much better battery life. I don’t need to be tethered to a power outlet to use my phone. Sure the Evo family has 3D, bigger screens, higher mega pixel cameras, etc. But the software that that runs those things is so user-unfriendly, non-stable, and battery hogging what good are they anyhow? Fancy paperweight you got there, Evo fan!

    Back on topic: I would like it if Sprint were to get an iPhone. The iPhone is the only reason I left Sprint after 9 years of service. Now, I am a happy VZW customer.

  12. F1

    @ Jeff

    As I posted last week, per a contracted SPRINT contact source of mine, “iPhone4 is coming late August early to SPRINT as it’s first iPhone”. However, it will be 3G only, since SPRINT is in the beginning process of implementing LTE.

    VZW & AT&T will get “U.S. roaming incompatable” LTE 4G iPhones, there are 12 approved variatons of LTE worldwide.

    Also, I had the VZW iPhone 4 for a period of 14 days with the unlimited Data package, VZW has a very poor 3G Data coverage, furthermore their billing and customer service is subpar to SPRINT, no question.

    SPEEDTEST.Net results for iPhone 4 :
    download ranged from 0.00/0.24 Mbps to max 0.35/0.74 Mbps
    upload max speed of 0.00 to max 0.50 Mbps!

    Upon asking two VZW store Managers regarding above results, they confirmed it as being the norm on 3G! I informed a 4G tech rep. of my SPRINT Palm Pro 850 download speed of up to 2.00 Mbps, with upload averaging 0.54 Mbps, he stated “that is because you are using SPRINT’s WiMax”!! Disregarding the age of my device completely!

    @ Ray & Robbydeck

    While at the VZW Corp store I saw many cases of issues as “RAY” stated above, also the VZW Data is nothing to write home about, it was overall a very disappointing experience, glad that I only had them for the maximum 2 weeks aloud, since the 30 day California rule, some how does not apply to VZW, that is what they said to me on to 3 occassions when I questioned the lack of 30 day policy, unless you are willing to pay a $350 cancellation fee !!

    I checked my billing balance on the 13th day, full of inflated fees & SURPRISES! Glad I got to experience it, even more glad that I did not “put all the eggs in one basket”, by porting from SPRINT.

    SPRINT exchanged my Palm Pro for the 8th time, this time at no charge, since the last unit only lasted 2 weeks!
    I now receive my calls and text/Voice Mail messages immediately, like most of you!

    So, yes the iPhone 4 3G is coming to SPRINT shortly!

    Thank You

  13. NoVZWSoon

    I am currently weighing my options as my VZW contract has just ended. Unsure if I want to stay with them being the new data charges. I have a BB Storm 2 and it sucks. However, was thinking of upgrading to a 4g LTE (awaiting the arrival of Droid Bionic to decide) but have some concerns about the data plan. Have been told I will be able to keep my unlimited plan but I have no idea how long that is going to last.

    I do actually pay less for 4 phones on a family plan than I would for 2 phones on a Sprint plan (which is about the only company I would go with if I left VZ). The features of sprint are quite appealing to me. I mean with calls to any mobile on any service with out using minutes and unlimited data plans sprint is a clear choice. But, with add a line for only $10 on VZW I am wondering if its a good move. I pay about $200 for the 4 lines I have now with one having unlimited data. Since my wife, mother and brother in-law do not use the internet from their phones, I don’t think the move (for me at least) is worth paying an extra $200 every month as opposed to paying and extra $20-$30 for data.

    Even with everything I have read here including comments, I am just still so damn confused. I guess I will still just have to wait for the bionic to decide.

  14. thatdroidguy

    @NoVZWSoon if all possible I would wait due to Big Red offering family plans in the very very near future, maybe before the end of the year. Check into family data plans before you decide………

  15. F1


    Keep in mind, that getting an “Employee discount” at SPRINT vs VZW, is a walk in the park, however be aware that the discounts do not apply to the $10 Data fee.
    In terms of taxes & Fees, VZW charged $15 on a $75 plan, in other words exactly 20 percent which is tad over SPRINT.
    If you reside in the state of California, SPRINT does adhere to the 30 day test/satisfaction period, while VZW only allows for 14 days!

    Best of luck to you,

    Thank You

  16. NoVZWSoon

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will probably hold out until the end of the year to see where VZW decides to go with their services.

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