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12 responses to “Instead of Cutting Jobs, Verizon Cuts Incentives, Discounts on Phones”

  1. Daniel H.

    I think Verizon has a lot in common with some horrible governments from the 20th century. I think about leaving them all the time, but we’re locked in until 2010. If I can get my wife to fall in love with the Pre, and it’s not more than $199 – I might be able to get out of the ETF’s.

  2. Christopher Price

    You cannot get the Early Termination Fee waived because of these changes.

    If you are locked into a contract already, you’ll still get one more NE2 upgrade at the old rate. It’s your choice if you want to take it, knowing that future NE2 credits will be at the lower level. You’re out of contract at that point, and are free to take the NE2 and get re-locked into contract.

    And, people that signed before 2/15 will still be able to cancel within 30 days of activation under the Test Drive promo.

  3. SaltyDawg

    This is just Verizon acting like the top dog. they have the largest network, and the most customers. They are no longer trying to catch anyone.

    We have already seen AT&T lower some of their prices, as they are now trying to play catch up to Verizon. Hopefully AT&T will lower the prices on their PDA data plans. That would be a good thing.

  4. Don Louie

    I don’t care about them lowering pda plans but do want to see the Premium plans compatible with BB’s and smartphones

  5. Daniel H.

    Sorry Chris, I meant “get out by paying the ETFs”. haha. whoops.

  6. Tom M

    I don’t worry about those things, as long as I have good phone service. I have used AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, and others. Verizon has been more consistent than any, especially better than AT&T. I paid three ETF’s on AT&T just to get a phone that actually worked. Don’t get carried away with new phones if you dont have good phone service to begin with.

  7. Benjamin

    Considering Sprint and others are laying off people sometimes by the thousands I personally would rather pay an extra 20 to 50 dollars for my equipment and know that in exchange someone got to keep their job. This seems like a very balanced decision and I applaud them for it.

  8. Gary

    I dont agree with the 30 day return policy where it said that no other carier has matched that offer….. Sprint was offering a 30 day return policy long before Verizon was and besides, they wont be able to cancel that policy in California where it is required by law.

  9. Adam

    @ Gary

    They still have the 30 day return policy. They just don’t pay the bill if you port out in that first 30 days anymore.

  10. diana

    Verizon has the best network and the fastest wireless internet connection.. they are the only ones that even bother to fix phones when they are dropped in water or chewed by the dog. The etf is prorated I know because I ported to at&t and then sprint then realized that Verizon is the best even though It is a little more expensive. I also did a little reserch and the places where sprint actually works is because they use Verizon cell sites.

  11. Jimmy

    PagePlus cellular is just as good for voice, text & MMS and only $39.00 a month, unlimited usage!

  12. Jimmy

    well daniel,
    they adjust the New every 2 credit because the phones are so much cheaper now, and test drive was dropped because so many people were abusing it. people would use it just to get a free month of service. they would port in stay for 29 day port out then port in 29 days later then port back out. thousands of people were doing it. it got to the point that they had to start telling people to stay where they were. Oh and the reason page plus os so good is because it runs on vzw’s 1xrtt network. too bad youll never get evdo with page plus