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8 responses to “iPhone OS 3.0 GM Seeds Go Live on the iPhone Dev Center”

  1. Jeff

    is 3.0 only for the new “s” or can you upgrade other iphones?

  2. Zeb

    “is 3.0 only for the new “s” or can you upgrade other iphones?”

    No it is for iphone 3G

  3. cwise

    there will be a different version for each model.

  4. greekone

    The 3.0 os is for iphone 3g and both 1st gen and 2nd gen ipod touch.

  5. will

    It will be avaible for all devices. for the original iphone, there will be no tethering or mms

  6. kz

    MMS works on all iPhones as far as I know.

  7. jj

    There wont be tethering because Dumb At&t is not allowing it. At&t cant handle all the traffic or so they say. Its probably because they have a slower highspeed network. But i think there will be MMS with 3.0 update. Tethering will be included in update as said by apple rep during keynote address but att will be blocking it from being used.

  8. SW

    MMS will not work for 1st gen iphones