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45 responses to “iPhone Owners Freed from Activation, Hacking Details Drop, Bricking Process Detailed (Updated)”

  1. bob roberts

    I just swapped SIMs in my first-gen iPhone with v2 software with another working AT&T SIM and upon syncing it with iTunes it says that I need to set up a new account with ATT and reactivate. I don’t think what you guys are saying is true.

  2. Brian

    are you sure this works with ANY at&t sim? I am using an old sim card from when at&t was at&t before cingular.

  3. Alex

    O.K. so Im trying this now on my 1st gen iPhone with my current AT&T sim. Now when I plug it into iTunes, it still makes me go through the activation progress. Is this going to give me an iPhone plan in the end (which I dont want to happen) or will just activate the phone with my current sim without changing any contract.

  4. jim

    not working for me either. i have a first generation iphone, freshly upgraded to 2.0, and a blank at&t SIM that i just activated on PAYG plan. when i put the SIM in the iphone and run itunes, i get “current account cannot be used with the iphone”

  5. Miken

    Tried putting my sons goPhone sim into my old original iPhone, and got that same activation message to convert the existing phone to an iPhone account. I tried to do it, but it said it could not and gave a phone number to call instead. No Love Here!

  6. Jaz

    Does anyone have both the 3g iphone and the htc touch or mogul? Any reviews or comparisons now that they all have built-in GPS?

  7. Travis

    The question remains, in today’s landscape how does one get an iPhone without an AT&T plan? I’d be as thrilled as punch if I could get an iPhone with a $20/month 2G data plan and GoPhone prepay. If this is possible then please set me on the path to fulfillment! Thanks

  8. Ed


    I bought a friends old Iphone 2g after he got a new 3G. I used a free unlock program from the net and in 5 minutes my gophone sim worked. I called and added the $20 data plan. It was real easy. You can look for one on ebay. Granted people are charging an arm and a leg. I paid $300 from a friend. He just wanted enough to get a new 16gb 3g.

  9. Bob

    I would like to hear more about the old gen iPhone requiring re-activation after swapping in a SIM from another phone.

    For example, My wife dropped her Gen 1 4GB iphone and trashed the glass screen. In the mean time, I upgraded my 8GB gen 1 iPhone to 2.0 software. When I put in her iPhone SIM and connected it to iTunes it asked to be “activated” again with AT&T. I didn’t go any further…put my old SIM back in and was ok. If you re-activate will it change the plan you are on?

  10. AJ

    I just acquired an iPhone from my cousin since she upgraded to the 3g iPhone and would love to do this but I am a bit skeptical due to a couple of the rresponses. Awaiting CP’s testing results.

  11. Bob Roberts

    This article needs to be re-written… it obviously doesn’t work.

  12. Alex Adamic

    So if I read the updated article correct, I can use my currentlly active att sim (not gophone) in my 2.0 1st gen iPhone? The thing is, now when I hook up my phone to iTunes (with my sim) it asks to activate my phone. Now will this just validate the phone to work with my sim, or give me a whole other plan. Could you post a vid because I don’t want to end up paying for something I didn’t want. Thanks

  13. Josh

    Yeah I was hoping to do the same thing. I have a corporate issued BB on ATT that I can currently take the sim out of and put into my unlocked 1.1.4 2G iphone and all works fine. I was hoping that I could upgrade the iphone to 2.0, then just put the sim in from the BB without having to unlock the iPhone. But I am hesitant as I don’t want to change/add any type of plan or addons to the BB sim.

  14. jim

    still no go for me. i called this morning and switched my plan from PAYG to PYP, and i still get the same error that “current account cannot be used with the iphone.”

  15. Mark

    GoPhone: at $20/month for flat-rate unlimited data. I just moved from Sprint to AT&T and I can’t see this on the AT&T website. Are you saying that if I by the iPhone on Ebay, i can then simply call in and ask to put be on a unlimited data only plan for $20 month to month without contract?? wow! can someone please confirm this is that good? They lowest I saw was $35/month..


  16. Colin

    I tried this with my GoPhone SIM card (pick your plan) and a first-gen iPhone running firmware 2.0. It did not work for me. Do I have to have the iPhone data plan activated, or have an iPhone IMEI registered on the account?

    I tried this afternoon to get 611 customer service to do that, but they just insisted (and they did call Apple Activation) that it just was not possible. I may need to find a dumber CS rep who’ll just do what I ask without arguing.

  17. Tom

    Anyone tried using an activated ATT iPhone SIM card with the regular $60 rate plan and downgrade to a GoPhone PAYG plan by using ATT’s Online GoPhone Activation?

  18. Moxie

    Thank god I found your site…I have been ready to pull my hair out the last few hours trying to get some answers from AT&T. Unfortunately the iPhone prepaid activation department was closed when I called just a few minutes ago. At least now I know what to do and I can stop farting around with the idiots at the AT&T stores.

  19. Moxie

    I just spent 45 minutes on the phone with AT&T…people should be aware that if they have an existing PYP number the iPhone GoPhone Activation dept. cannot help you with transferring the number over. I am so pissed off right now I could throw this damn phone out the window.

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  21. Juan

    Tried ATT 3G iPhone (with 2.0 of course-no jailbroken/no unlock) with ATT SIM from Treo. Mixed results:
    – Can make calls
    – Can use data. 3G by the way
    – CAN’T receive calls. I guess calls are going to the Treo somehow which doesn’t have the SIM anymore but iPhone will never ring.

    Any ideas here? Looks like switching ATT SIM cards is not as straightforward even with 3G iPhone. Maybe iTunes will fix it?

  22. Juan

    Sorry I don’t have the iPhone with me to follow the instructions. I’m posting for someone else. I will get the iPhone if we get past this issue!!!
    What do you mean Expert Mode? Is this something to be done on the iPhone or are you referring to Expert Mode within Pwnage? Pwnage is the only place where I see any reference to “Expert Mode”.
    Remember we are doing this test on a fresh 3G iPhone without jailbreak or unlock following your article. Can you clarify about the “Expert Mode” please?
    Thanks for the help.

  23. Colin

    Well, today I reached an iPhone GoPhone activations person and…no dice. They simply will not in any way let me activate a first-gen iPhone to use the iPhone bundle on my existing GoPhone account.

    So instead, I’ve just hacked the thing and activated the standard unlimited medianet package. Looks to be everything except visual voicemail, so that’s fine. But man, these people are frustrating and obstinate to deal with.

  24. cubara

    I noticed that once I used the gophone sim in the stock iphone 3g, I lost the ability to use the unlimited media net on other phones. It will work again if I put it back into the iphone. Has anyone experience this as well or is this a fluke?

  25. rc11901

    I wonder if the AT&T pay as you go Sim card works with IPHONE 3G with 2.0.1 firmware for both voice and data. The 2.0.1 firmware just came out a few days ago. I haven’t been able to find any comment on this matter.

  26. rc11901

    I just got my IPhone 3G from EBay and a pay as you go sim card is on the way. I don’t have the original IPhone sim card. Can I upgrade the firmware with the active AT&T pay as you go sim card in, which is in contrast to an upgrade with original IPhone 3G sim card? What I read from other forum is that during the upgrade to firmware 2.0.1, the carrier setting will also be updated. That is why I wonder if an upgrade using PAYG sim card can bring negative effect.

  27. chuck

    Has anyone been using an iPhone 3G with a PAYG account for any decent amount of time? (like a month or 2) The reason I’m asking is that AT&T will clearly see that the IMEI is coming from a 3G phone and they can close the account. I briefly put a PAYG sim in my 3G phone and it worked flawlessly. Even had 3G internet speed. But I’m afraid that if I start using it on a PAYG account that it will be found and locked out. Any comments?

  28. Aimee

    Has anyone switched a 2G unlocked/jailbroken sim with A 3g jailbroken iphone.. it works but does anyone know what plan at at&t i will be charged for if i continue to use my 3G with the 2G sim….

  29. Robert

    OK, here it is. I purchased a RazrV3 unlocked and use it overseas for my work. I brought the phone back with me and purchased an ATT sim card on ebay. Can anybody tell me how to activate the thing?

  30. Jacob Moss

    Hi im getting an iphone 3g from a friend and at the moment i have a Pay as you go sim card in a Palm Centro. So after reading all the reviews i think i understand everything except one small detial. When i sync the i phone to i tunes it will ask me to reset it to get sinced to my i tunes music and apps and stuff. affter thats done and all will it reject my sim card.? Thanks. And ny the way great article! (:

  31. Jacob Moss

    Hi im getting an iphone 3g from a friend and at the moment i have a Pay as you go sim card in a Palm Centro. So after reading all the reviews i think i understand everything except one small detial. When i sync the i phone to i tunes it will ask me to reset it to get sinced to my i tunes music and apps and stuff. affter thats done and all will it reject my sim card.? Thanks. And great article btw i could understand very well. (:

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