Deal: Kingston SSDNow V100+ 64 GB SATA SSD w/ USB Enclosure – $60 After Rebate

Kingston SSDNow V100+Staples is offering the Kingston SSDNow V100+ 64 GB SATA SSD drive with a USB 2.0 enclosure for $89.99. A $30 Staples Easy Rebate brings the total cost of the drive to $59.99.

The USB 2.0 enclosure is bundled as an “upgrade kit” for laptops, to make it easier to swap out a hard drive with a new, speedy SSD.

Kingston SSDNow V100+ is not the fastest SSD on the market, but does have one key advantage; it provides TRIM-like functionality without the need of OS drivers or chipset support. That makes this drive better for older MacBooks and other hardware that may not talk to TRIM drives properly.

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One response to “Deal: Kingston SSDNow V100+ 64 GB SATA SSD w/ USB Enclosure – $60 After Rebate”

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