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2 responses to “Lenovo Discontinues Official IdeaPad K1 Support, Offers Vanilla ICS Build As Parting Gift”

  1. Josh Craig

    The vanilla version of ICS that Lenovo released is currently on my K1 because the Honeycomb version was so bloated due to the special apps that Lenovo installed.

    In 2013 I’m a bit surprised that OEM manufacturers have to add their special apps instead of letting the device and OS be special – allowing users to install the apps they want, not some pre-installed OEM crap.

    As a web developer who is getting into the dev of mobile apps I decided to tackle flashing my K1 to the ICS build that lenovo released and sorting out the Google Apps and Google Play problem myself.

    For the casual user this would be a pain, for us in the industry we appreciate the chance to fiddle with it ourselves – free of bloatware.

    Still, even without the Gapps or Google Play I can still use my tablet for the most part all through the browser. Although I do miss having apps too.

    Great article thanks for the nice read.

  2. Christopher Price

    You can always copy apps from Google Play from another device onto the K1. Some newer apps won’t transfer because of DRM, but the vast majority will still transfer by sideloading the APK. You can use an app like Box or Dropbox to facilitate the transfers quickly.