LG Conference Liveblog

Welcome tothe LG CES Press Conference Liveblog.

8:24: LG confirms ZigBee radio support in its home appliance lineup, while confirming there will be a dedicated conference for its mobile products
8:25: LG strategist Parick Steinkuhl presenting LG Home Appliances
8:31: LG Home Entertainment exec Tim Alessi on stage
8:32: Cinema 3D and Smart TV on table LG’s research revealed that three main elements are required by smart tv consumers: lots of content to watch, easy connectivity to home network, and ease of use.
8:34: Magic Motion Remote, has six buttons and relies on gesture control. “Very simple, very fun, and very intuitive.”
8:35: LG took its Smart TV Upgrader box to some consumers and asked them what they’d prefer. Their box beat out set-top boxes.
8:37: Four pairs of glasses will be in LG’s sets of 3DTVs. Cheaper and lighter.
8:38: Plasmas are getting 12 new models, including a bunch of 1080p panels, SmartTV and 3D TV. industry’s thinnest bezel in a thin design also promised.
8:39: Nine new Blu-ray models coming this year, most of them including SmartTV, WiFi, and three Cinema3D models.
8:40: NAS and Optical disc drives announced with 2D to 3D conversion, Silent and Jamless Play, NAS with DLNA support and BD/DVD rewriter.
8:42:  the LG Optimus 2X and super-thin Optimus Black announced. More info at Verizon’s conference along with LG Revolution LTE phone
8:45: Conference done

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