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65 responses to “LG Dare VX9700 Unboxed, First Impressions”

  1. celz

    lol please stop with the iphone comparisons… the dare has zero in common with the iphone except its a squarish touchphone with chrome accents… if my m520 was a touch screen it would look just as much like an iphone.. and the dare is based on a phone that was released before the iphone… please leave the opinions out i love this site except for that one thing

  2. celz

    lol what should the dare be a circle or a triangle… come on i jus looked at them again and thats ridiculous

  3. Don Louie

    I’ll take the Instinct over this, most likely will be less locked down

  4. bayportbob

    i agree on the voyager comments – i like the phone but the touch screen has issues, the browser is lacking in a number of ways, hmmmmmmmmm…………. recall????? it would be nice to be able to get a dare in exchange for the voyager but that ain’t gonna happen so….. don’t go there.

  5. Richard

    I just recently purchased the LG Dare. The screen definately isn’t as large as the I Phone but the things that I did like about it are the carrier for one thing. I also like having a battery that I can replace and the fact that I can get insurance on it. I lose and break too many phones to get the I Phone. I am really impressed with the camera. The pics are great. I also like the tactile feedback when I touch the screen ( I don’t know if I Phone has that or not) My brother and nephew both have the I Phone and it is a great phone but it boiled down to the carrier, insurance and battery issues that made my choice for me. If I used the calender a lot for appointments and so forth I probably would rather have something that can sync with Outlook but at this point in time I don’t need it that much.

  6. hey yall

    I’M GETTIN THIS PHONE FOR MY B-DAY!!!!!! I’M SO EXCITED :)!!! but i’m really tired of EVERYONE comparing every touch phone to the freakin iphone!! this is almost exactly like the lg prada that came out in has nothing to do with the iphone! oh yea and btw verizon and lg had the prada out WAYYYYY before the iphone so, technically, verizon had the touch screen thing down before the iphone even came 🙂 yea stick that in your juice bottle and suck it!!!

  7. machete

    Three months is “WAYYYYY before”?

    Prada: March 17 ’07
    iPhone: June 20 ’07

  8. logan

    DOES NOT WORK WITH MAC uggghhh!!!….everything else is AWESOME

  9. erica

    don’t talk about the LG DARE because i am getting it on mi is this month.THANX

  10. mike

    apples and oranges the dare is a good phone the iphone is a good phone they are 2 seperate devices with 2 different options apple junkies will always druel over apple products does not mean there better or worse people grow up they are both good phone


    Please email if you figure out how to import contacts from Outlook to LG Dare!

  12. Alex

    The DARE will work with a MAC Logan. Well if your just trying to get music and stuff onto it. You need to use bluetooth on your mac and send them to your phone. but your right about not being able to directly send files straight to the phone with the USB cable on a mac.

  13. Alex

    The DARE will work with a MAC Logan. Well if your just trying to get music and stuff onto it. You need to use bluetooth on your mac and send them to your phone. but your right about not being able to directly send files straight to the phone with the USB cable on a mac.

  14. Twista

    The dare is a great phone. Ive had it 3 days after it came out and havent put it down yet. I love the all touchscreen feature and the camera is a great add. I use to never take pictures with my camera phone till I got this phone. Pictures turn out great and the features the camera has are amazing. The multi-tasking music player is also a great add…coming from the voyager I love this feature alot. Texting I had to kind of get use to it but Im pretty good at it now. It does give me some glitches here and there though like restarting on me twice since I got it but that considerably lower than what my voyager did resetting every other day. I also found out alot of cool and neat tricks for the dare and how to fix some problems by visiting They have alot of tricks and general information about the dare that really helped me decided to get this phone and easing the use of it. Overall this phone is very good 8.5/10 from me.

  15. rochichi

    I have had 5 dare phones in 5 days. they are over heating and frying the phone. Has any one else had this problem? The carier whom I will not name, …………, will not compinsate their clients for loss, and they arebeing real a#& H&$@&.

  16. emzy

    when does the LG dare come out in england does any one know i really want one??


  17. Neal

    I hate to break it to you guys but the dare is a piece of crap. I really like the phone but the software has too many bugs in it to be an effective phone. call quality is great until you use a bluetooth headset. The bluetooth cuts out and all kinds of things. Now my bluetooth wont even power on. All it tells me is “bluetooth is not supported” Whenever you try to add a favorite website to the browser or pull up the ones you already have the phone will reset itself 9 times out of 10. The touch screen is also subpar. you have to touch it really hard compared to the iphone’s touch screen. the on screen keyboard is not worth your time either because you cant calibrate the screen good enough for the key you hit to actually type on the screen. my advice…. until the next software update comes out save your money and buy an iPhone. I have had my dare since a week after they came out.

  18. John Stephens

    you guys are all retarded. everything you buy when it first comes out has problems. its like blaming sony for you spending a thousand dollars on ebay to get it and it overheats and/or freezes beyond repair. for those of you who can get it switched for free. and those of you too stupid eat your loss and shut up.

  19. Rob Sabado

    Does the iPhone have a 3.2mp camera? The answer is NO. The Dare does! Can the iPhone shoot video? Again, the answer is NO. Again, the Dare does! So, when Celz said on June 28th “lol please stop with the iphone comparisons… the dare has zero in common with the iphone”, this person was right! The iPhone has nothing on the Dare when it comes to pictures and videos. Good going celz!

  20. devon

    the voyager has lots of problems i woudln’t tell any one to get it i have had it replaced 3 times in about 2 months its freezes wile texting resets all the time i payed full for it so i am gunna go exchange it for the dare

  21. haley

    does the lg dare open like the lg voyager???

  22. Mia

    Can anyone tell me if this phoneis available on Pay as You go in the Uk?

    If so where am i able to obtain it and how much does it cost?

  23. mo

    has anyone experienced a screen freeze on the dare? my phone is totally inoperable and it is the only phone I have! I cannot even make a 911 call. Of course, I will go back to the store where I bought the phone, but in the meantime does anyone know how to unfreeze and get it back to working order?

  24. d

    try removing the battery for 30 sec to do a hard reset

  25. Craig

    The iPhone and the dare are both touch screen phones. They have camera and some different apps, and are similarly shaped. Thats the only similarities, so everything else is a pretty big difference. Both are very cool phones, but are so different that comparing them feature by feature is kind of dumb. Also, the majority of people supporting the dare already own one, and the people supporting the iPhone already own an iPhone so they are going to defend what they have. (Generally)

  26. rich

    d is right it workrd for me, but my phone was working

  27. Adrian

    Does you Dare just shut down and reboots itself? Or just cut off while talking to someone? I haev had nothing but problems since I got my Dare….I love the phone, but I wish they cold fix this problem.

  28. Chris

    I got my Dare on Saturday and it’s rebooted twice on me, both times while browsing through my pictures. I called the Verizon store I bought it from and they said they’d take a look at it and if need be replace it, so hopefully this won’t be a problem forever.

  29. Jared

    Neal. I hate to break it to you but your an idiot. were talking about the phone here not the bluetooth headsets. If you have a problem with bluetooth take it out of your ear and quit being lazy! Talk like everyone else put the phone up to your ear and talk. And also if you have verizon you cant get the iphone????

  30. hoagie

    Anyone have a problem with the phone not ringing or no sound at text? It will either anounce as i have set it or just vibrate, a few times will start to ring then stop. Its more of a problem with text than calls.

  31. Al

    I have a problem with mine not ringing on IM messages, but it rings on text messages. Verizon says this can not happen since it is the same setting for both. Well, it does NOT ring on IM messages.

  32. carrie ann

    okay so the dare ,,, its a good phone. i got it as a christmas present and it was working fine. i was like this is a phone that willlast….. well thats what i thought. the next day i started having problems with the touchscreen. it would work, then it wouldn’t. now , on the third day that i have had it , the touchscreen stopped working completely. WANT TO EXPLAIN THAT TO ME??? !!!

  33. Douglas

    I’ve had my Dare for 4 days now and love it, but have one issue with it, that neither Verizon nor LG customer service has responded to me properly. For the camera, the autoflash, smart pic, and face detection settings are defaulted to off, and the phone does NOT remember the settings if you change them!!!!!!! I want those features always on and am sick of manuall having to change them everytime I go back to the camera after leaving it. I hope the 2nd contact with Verizon will light a fire under their ass and demand LG address this issue. I was a software tester and this makes me pissed.

  34. Dan

    I have the dare since 12/28/08. I like it for several reasons. First, I don’t have to pay the required $30 data plan like other smart or pda phone. The iphone also requires the $30 data plan. I only pay $15 for unlimited web and another $5 for the mobile email. One thing I don’t like is the sensitivity of the touch screen. Obviously it is NOT the iphone, where the touch screen responsiveness is awesome. The Dare, I have trouble “accidentally” selecting instead of scrolling (it takes some getting use to). The second is the large screen. I like it when i use the navigation. However, I am considering going to either an env2 or even the chocolate3, both cheaper.

  35. jessica

    okayyy well now i’ve had the dare since 12.28.08 as well and the touchscreeen has been working fine. i agree with you on the camera thing. i don’t like having to constantly change the setting before i take a picture. it is RIDICULOUS. but other than that the phone is great. i like it alot . it does require some taking used to, but it is definitely the best phone i’ve ever owned.

    but for real, you could have made it to where the settings stay the way you set them to be on the camera.

  36. Douglas

    Verizon got back to me today, and they say that LG tells them that they have no plans to change their software to retain the camera settings. Argh!!!!!!! Interesting that the setting for color effects is remembered, when that is a setting that should go back to a default setting. It looks like LG didn’t think this through. If I want to take a quick photo of something, I have to take the time first to go into the menu and turn on flash, face detection, and smart pic. VERY STUPID. I know, I already complained to LG. If all of you would complain to them too, maybe the pressure will get them to modify their software.

  37. marissa

    ive had the lg dare since july and i was in love with it when i first got it but honestly now i think its a piece of crapola. i’m now on my 4th replacement phone of the dare, and each time ive had it replaced for teh same problem. whenever i scroll through my texts or my pictures it shuts down and then reboots itself. the verizon people keep upgrading the software or whatever, but it’s really proven to be nothing short of useless. yay verizon.

  38. Kevin

    yea have the dare too and mines screwed up because everytime i try to import pictures it says it doesnt detect any when i have an entire gallery.

  39. Kathryn

    has any one had this happen? you are editing your pictures & when you try & save it.. you phone freeze up & it not do anything for like a minute or two? it really makes me mad b/c it just stops working. also has anyone bought a phone case & then the touch screen not work anymore? yeah that happened to me too. it makes me realllly mad b/c i am notorious for droppping phones. :/

  40. kdls

    Hey just be happy u have a phone that works my venus sucks!

  41. troll

    i just got my dare today and everything is ok but every time i go to settings and choose display setting my phone resets. it sux. if anyone has any info on this problem let me know.thx

  42. Methos

    I have the LG Dare. I do not have an I Phone. I do have a friend that has an I phone. I like my Dare and think it was the best thing Verizon offered. But it is no I phone. The I phone is just incredible. And this is coming from a guy who hates that begins with i and comes from Apple! They did that phone right. I just wish it was open to more carriers.

    If you think the Dare can take the place of an iPhone, you might be dissappointed. Unless you never see, touch, or use an iPhone.

  43. BMX

    The nice thing with the Dare is it has normal sized numbers and a QWERTY keyboard thanks to the touch screen.
    Unlike the Smasung alias, which has VERY small number keys.

  44. Greg

    Anyone have any issues with the haptic feedback/vibration function on their phones? I bought a Dare about a month ago and just yesterday none of the vibration functions work.

  45. se merrick

    Have the DARE for 5 days now an am experiencing the following problems:

    1. Email notification does not work properly even though I have the notification setting to “ALWAYS”

    2. After I finish dialing a phone number. press the “Call” button then hold the phone to my ear, the screen goes black.

    Anybody else have these problems? Anybody have any ideas as how to resolve them? I was thinking about exchanging it for another Dare but after reading a lot of reviews, I am not so sure.

  46. Mathew

    I just bought the dare, and love it, I just switched to verizon, AT&T charges alot for the iphone plan so it is Cheaper for the dare. Also the Iphone does not sync to your laptop as a modem for internet the dare does, I love the Dare. My only problem the battery is not very adequate but I may buy a 3000 amh battery

  47. Chris

    I read the comparisons on the Dare vs. iPhone and read the the Dare recieved the better of the reviews, so I bought the Dare in 2008. The Dare has been a good phn., but when using the web it doesn’t fit the page to the screen as the iPhone does, I am unable to download any apps. to it, and just recently (03/04/09) I am unable to use my camera. I keep getting error: “Camera Start Error.” To fix the issue, I have to go to a Verizon Store (3hrs. away) to fix it. In doing so, it will erase all info on my phn. that I am unable to back-up on VW website. Now I am not happy with the phone due to its limited capabilities in comparison to the iPhone. It all boils down to the fact that I should have done a more indepth comparison and really determined my needs.

  48. Chris

    Another quick note on when scrolling through my pictures. I reciently uploaded some family pictures on to my phone, and when scrolling through all of my pictures, they show up just fine. But when you actually click on the picture for the options of editing or just seeing it in full screen, the picture is erased and replaced by a Vzw default picture. As soon as you go back to viewing all of your pictures at once, its once again back on the phone.