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10 responses to “LG enV3 Gets Firmware Update to V07, Changes Unknown”

  1. Jay

    I was thinking the same thing. V06 texting was slow and laggy, and I’d have to sit there and watch my words spell out after I was done typing them and hitting send to close the phone. v07 seems to have somewhat remedied this.

  2. Corey

    This dictionary now remembers words.

  3. Patrick

    glad to hear it.
    will test out mine.
    just updated today
    was curious to see if it had an update out of random

  4. Cooper

    So I just got the update last night. It’s pretty sweet but now it lags a few seconds when I try to open my inbox if there’s over 100 messages. Never used to lag before but hey can’t complain too much. Not sure what other problems it creates but the benefits of the dictionary saving words and no laggy typing is sweet. Also in T9 didn’t the comma used to come after the period when you hit next? Or the question mark? Not a big deal but just noticed.

  5. Damon

    I also experience the same issue as you with the 5sec pause before I get to check my message inbox(kinda dont like that). I dont know if its just me with the other thing i noticed but i also ran into which was another 5sec pause before I can check my memory usage as well. Didnt have much of a problem with lagging texting so it really didnt bother me at all. But other than that everything seems the same as before to me so I guess the true question is What impact did this update have to this phone?

  6. joe

    How can you update the firmware manually? I cannot do the ‘over the air’ method.

  7. Erin

    I am having the same issue as Cooper and Damon, that there is a HUGE lag time when I go to open my inbox, that was not there before. For a person that does a LOT of texting ….. this is EXTREMELY ANNOYING !!!! Other than that, I haven’t noticed any other issues, but at the same time, haven’t noticed any improvements either !!

  8. Erin

    Was hoping this upgrade might also solve the problem of not being able to see HOW MANY texts you have on the front screen (instead of it just saying “NEW TEXT MSG”) like the the enV2 did !! The enV3 is supposed to be an upgrade from the enV2, am I wrong ?? Are we living in a backwards universe now ??

  9. Michael

    I cannot seem to flash my LG ENV3 because I believe the 07 firmware is corrupt and it will not allow me to reflash it because it states I have the most uptodate software. I need a process that will allow me to force update the phone. Thank you