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32 responses to “LG Esteem for MetroPCS Now Set for September 26th Launch”

  1. Dee

    Finally a decent phone coming too metro pcs. I was hoping for the htc desire but this will do. Do you know how much this phone is going for?

  2. ladydubb

    I’m looking to get a new phone soon does anyone know the price of this phone yet?

  3. brandon

    awesome phone finally a descent phone n kwl front faceing camara! =D


    i was gonna get the samsung indulde but hell no forget samsung hello LG ESTEEM.. IM SO TOTALY WAITNG!! WAIT HOW MUCH IS THIS PHONE GONNA BE

  5. west

    the phone well be with in the 300-400 range it looks high but with all it has and no contract i believe it a fair price.

  6. west

    if you want more info its like the lg revolution so just look up that and the specs are the same

  7. brandon

    thumps up for this phone i might get it but im worried that another way BETTER phone is coming but still this phone is BEAST!!!!!

  8. Ricardo

    Metro has to give a decent price on the phone because cricket is also releasing a new high tech android phone too. Its called the Huawei Glory and its releasing in november. The only spec. I know is that it looks like the I-phone and it has 8 m. Camera.

  9. Too little too late

    Metro promised half a dozen Android phones this year and has only delivered 1. Metro PCS 1x data is super slow. Where is the 3G advertised on billboards all over Los Angeles? Boost Mobile delivers better data speeds as seen on Youtube for the same price.

    I’ve seen the LG Revolution at the Verizon and played with it. What a dissapointing POS. Thats Metro’s new flagship? Pathetic.

    With Boost & T-Mobile & and upcoming Virgin Mobile entering the arena of prepaid Android Metro needs to deliver or get left behind.

    As a Metro customer for 6 months I was impressed at first. Since the network tinkering, absolutley awful customer service, and crappy call quality I doubt I will remain a customer before my billing cycle is up.

    Is Los Angeles still a key market for Metro? What awful data/phones/service.

    Tmobile has for just $61 more a month than what I’m paying now unlimited talk+text+web for $151 out the door. Metro needs to offer tiered data plans. The fake 3G isn’t working for me.

  10. west

    to to little to late stop feeding people wrong information metro has released 4 smart phone this well be number 5 go to the metro site and two i have the optimus m and love it i pay 57 a mouth and that’s amazing for all i get there expanding there coverage every day so you need to do more research i live in east Texas and get amazing serves so to all that are thinking that you mit want this phone don’t take my word or his look stuff up your self’s and good luck with your phone hunting am getting this phone 🙂

  11. Des

    I hate when people comment on an article just to troll and make both false and negative comment about a carrier. I’ve been with metroPCS for 4 years now I live in the Los Angeles area and couldn’t be happier with the service I get. I have nationwide ( and boy do I travel) 1x RTT 3g service that is very dependable as I only drop a call maybe once or twice a month. Their 4g LTE network is half as fast a Verizon which translates to on par with At&t, T-mobile, and Sprint. and they have better and better phones coming out all the time. The LG Esteem (aka revolution) has already proven to be a great 4G LTE phone for Verizon so I am fairly confident that this phone will sell very well on Metro

  12. ramone wolfe

    i see one of you have posted a price but there isn’t one listed, how do you know how much this phone is going to be?

  13. Virginia Dorest

    who cares how much I WANT TWO right away :0 I’ve been waiting forrrrrrrrrrr Eveeeeeeeeeeeer

  14. Ladydubb

    Oh gosh i am anxiously waiting for new info on this phone, ive had both blackberrys and ive been waiting for Metro to release a more sufficient phone through android and this looks like a winner! cant wait for the release. Does anyone know when Metro will be LTE completely i know they are still running on CDMA

  15. Phonelover

    I think it should be coming pretty soon now, because metro is doing an update on their site right now. I’ve been checking frequently, but I bet they’re adding all their new phones !!!!!!!

  16. Chio

    People b bugging for attention when in reality it took verizon and T-mobile 12yrs to get to were they r its only taken Metro 3yrs an we are still growing and expanding fo example Metro has just opened a store in Lake Elsinore and covers all around the lake. with more areas to expand.. service is great and the #3 NEW PHONES coming out in SEPT, OCT, and NOv will b something to talk about LG Esteem {Bryce}, Samsung Admire and ect.

  17. Tony

    This will run in 4G?

  18. west

    yes it well have 4g

  19. Phill

    Metro is definitely stepping their game up with the past releases they have made this month. As soon as they experimented with the android market, they made progress after progress without much back-tracking. I believe the price for esteem/bryce (whichever tea you like) will definitely be under 400 hundred which is good considering you have a no-contract high powered android phone. To definitely be on the safe side, give it a week after release and watch review on Youtube of people who are no bias but instead reliable sources 😀 Definitely on my “to get” list come October

  20. Danielle

    On different websites it shows as $379.00

  21. Chio

    We Now Have the new Sam. Admire for 197.00 out the door or upgrade for 149 including a free bluetooth. Coming Soon LG Esteem.
    Let us help you start your new Plan or even upgrade your current Device
    -unlimited tex
    you name it we have it.. 🙂

    Metro PCS
    16738 Lakeshore Drive, Suite E Lake Elsinore, CA 92530….

  22. Danielle

    The Samsung Admire is only $129.00 where I’m at & online too.

  23. west

    just a few more weeks sweet there’s rumors it may come out the 14 or at least be shipped by then i hope its true

  24. David

    My boss Is saying this phone will officially release next week most likely on the 16th and the price is supposed to be $379.

  25. west

    i went to the metro store and they sayed they should have it by late saterday early wed. am so ready for this phone i do think i know more about this phone than the person that was working there he tryed to sell me the admire because he sayed the esteem only has 2.2 he got this quizzical look wene i told him he was wrong haha

  26. Danielle

    Them not knowing much about their products seems to be a trend with this company.

  27. west

    I just went to the store an the the person Sayed thay wouldn’t have them tell October i wanted to yell bull sh*t

  28. Madii Fuentes

    How many megapixels is thee camera and does it have flash??

  29. PERICO

    Man dis fone is beast im gettin dis phone tomoroe all dis nikka talkin shyt about metro but I got the lg optimus m nd dis hoe is badd ass shyt yall nikkas stupid nd it has a front facin camera

  30. PERICO

    @ madi fuentes it has a 5 mega pixle bak camera nd a 1.3 mega pixle camera on the front

  31. Bobby

    Dose it have a notification light for when u get messeges? And dose it have a good battery life?

  32. WEST

    wow the cloest phone and only the best phone i wnted metro need to lower there price 😀