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3 responses to “LG Facebook Post Affirms ICS for G2x, Nitro, Marquee, Leaves Revolution in Doubt”

  1. Alvin B.

    Please do not spread misinformation. The g2x is a different model than the 2x. Roms for one are not compatible with the other. lg’s post did NOT need translation – they clearly listed model numbers and the g2x was not mentioned.

  2. Christopher Price

    Alvin, LG has told us that the G2x is their state-side variant of the Optimus 2X. There is no misinformation there.

    ROMs are commonly not compatible with even matching variants for various reasons, including differences in vendors and chipsets that can happen during a device’s lifecycle.

    If LG doesn’t release ICS for the G2x, it would be akin to T-Mobile aborting Honeycomb for their variant of the Dell Streak 7… a black eye on both manufacturer and carrier.

  3. Angry

    It’s almost March, and still no word. The Optimus 2X is getting ICS, but not the G2x it seems, LOL LOL >:-(

    Never buying another LG product again!