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69 responses to “LG Optimus V Availability and Activation Details Surface”

  1. Levi

    I have the phone activated, but the internet doesn’t work using the network – only when I use WiFi.

  2. Bailey

    I’m confused on the activation process. Can someone clear that up?

  3. Amber

    I have used an Ipod touch exclusively until now for all my data needs and these are a few thoughts I’ve had after using the phone for several days:

    It seems the number of home pages for putting apps on is limited to just 5.
    I love, love, love on the Apple products how there is a keyboard button “.com” and you can hold it down and have “.net .org” etc as options for quick entry for emails or web addresses, this is missing on the Optimus keyboard.
    It seems when you sync your email (for me gmail) to either the gmail app or the email app that your contacts are not imported (but they will be inported to your phone book ONLY if they are in a contact list in gmail). I find myself needing to type in the entire email address when sending emails (except for replies). On the Itouch email addresses were in a drop down bar as soon as I started typing the contact’s name.
    Oh and the email updates….they are something that needs to be worked on! If I am on my computer and delete an email the phone alerts me the same alert as when I get an email. There is no setting to restrict specifically what it will alert me for, so it’s either no alerts or an alert every time something changes in my in box.
    For zooming I miss tapping on the screen to get a quick zoom in, but I can live without that, I guess.

    I have been very pleased with the phone otherwise, the voice recognition is very good, and I like the easy access to silencing the phone using the power button. downloads are fast and I really like the call quality.

    What do you think?

  4. Eric Vogel

    Go to and enter or import your contacts in there. They will apear on your phone.

    If you use hotmail
    just goto accounts in settings, choose Exchange ActiveSync
    Server is
    username is your email address
    domain is blank
    ssl is checked, accept certificate when requested
    and you can sync everything

    and then go into the contact preferences and set Hotmail contacts only. You can replace caldendar the same way.

  5. Tony

    Well i live in dc and no where is this fone availible in dc md or virginia and is it true that the price is going to rise to 249.99??!!

  6. Tony

    Is there cases for this specific fone ?

  7. Emmanuel

    Tony, look up cases for this phone by looking up the Optimus S and T. I ordered my case from Amazon. I’ll see if it’s a perfect fit when it finally comes in. I’ll let you know.

  8. Amber

    here is another easy way to get the phone from probably anywhere!

  9. Alain

    Try on your local Target store, call and ask for item number “080-02-0724”, even if the phone is not on the floor yet, they can sell it if it’s on the inventory.

  10. charles

    White blood cells.

    This is the phone that will help me bring a Resourced Based Economy to fruition. In a broader sense, this phone is a piece of S**** compared to what we will have in the future – if we don’t destroy ourselves.

    This phone is my anti-cancer.

    Anti-bodies unite!

  11. Bill in Jacksonville, FL

    I called my local Jacksonville Target at Regency and he said they didn’t have the phone. After entering the stock number he said on must have come in today and he is saving for us. Thanks for the posts!

  12. Amber

    By the way, the phone is now being sold on Virgin and Radio Shack’s websites for sure, and possibly Target’s though I have not checked.

  13. Vic

    All the RadioShack stores have it; target ones didn’t even with the sku code.

  14. Emmanuel

    Here is the case + screen protector + car charger I ordered on Fits like a glove! All under $10, shipping included.

    1. GTMax Black Rubberized Hard Cover Case + LCD Screen Protector for Sprint LG Optimus S LS670
    2. Car Charger (CLA) for LG Optimus S LS670

  15. Emmanuel

    LOL. Check out Virgin’s page with the Optimus V. Read the fine print under the price of the Optimus V. Now that says something.

  16. sharon

    ok so since everyone is sayin the internet isnt workin because the phone is not released , wwill the internet work properly wen the phone is released?

  17. Amber

    Hi Sharon,

    I got my phone and activated it in January and the internet has been working fine since day one via the 3G network and wi-fi

  18. Eric Vogel

    My phone’s data did not work. After extensive troubleshooting with VM, it turned out to be a bad phone. The engineer took the one out of the training room and plugged that EMSI # into my account and got online and held it up to the phone with a YouTube Video playing. Before that, they had me re-register the phone, they re-registered it on their end, which also restarted my plan, so I did not have to say you owe me days.

    If you want to manually re-register your phone, just follow the above, but put al 1’s in let phone reboot and put your numbers back in.

    A did get one e-mail back as I had two incidents filed saying it was because the phone was not released. You just have to keep trying till you find someone helpful. Over all their support is pretty good. The Engineers I rank very good.

  19. Annie

    I just got the phone yesterday and have not been able to access the internet. I called them and they advised me that it will take 48 to 72 hours to resolve the issue but did not tell me what the issue was. I was trying the edit process and I change the MSID to my mobile number now my phone don’t work at all. Can someone please tell me how I can get this number back.

    Thank you