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69 responses to “LG Optimus V Availability and Activation Details Surface”

  1. Get the LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile, if you can | Prepaid Reviews

    […] since Virgin has not made an announcement. Want to see if your local Target is carrying it? has some useful instructions. You’ll have to ask for the internal SKU 080-02-0724, and then […]

  2. Amber

    Thank you very much! The DPCI number was exactly what I needed to get the phone! I called last night and every Target said they didn’t have it (or even know about it), but today when I gave them the number to look it up they pulled it out from storage and sold it to me!

  3. Emmanuel

    Thanks for the heads up this morning! Ran out and bought one right away!

  4. brandon

    “Thank you very much! The DPCI number was exactly what I needed to get the phone! I called last night and every Target said they didn’t have it (or even know about it), but today when I gave them the number to look it up they pulled it out from storage and sold it to me!” Amber, what state do you live in? and what did you say that made them check in storage? haha i want one really bad!

  5. Wadya

    Yeah! Please let us know the Store location – city or state. Pretty please!

  6. Amber

    Hi Everyone,

    I live in San Francisco, California, but there is no Target in the city. I just called up today (dial the number and push “4” for electronics) and said “I am wondering if I can give you a DCPI number and have you check on it’s availability”. Every store was happy to looked it up and found that all the stores in the area have 2 in stock! The first store said they are not authorized to sell it until Feb 13. BTW I called Virgin last night and they said the $150 price is only an introductory price until the full release on Feb 1, when it will sell for $249.99!!! So you can imagine how much of a hurry I was in to find it. The second store I called said they had two and I asked if they were selling them, she said yes, so I had her hold it under my name and I went straight there. Now I have one!

    Good luck!!!

  7. want naow

    oh damn good to know dude- i called my target and they are out atm- lets see what comes in tomorrow- i want one baddddd :DDDDDD omg i better get one before the price hike

  8. Emmanuel

    Two left @ Target (Orange Show Road) in San Bernardino, Ca. Phone number 909-381-3391. Called just now.

    Target off of Sterling in San Bernardino doesn’t have the sku in their system.

  9. Kirsten

    I called my nearest Target (in Oxnard Ca) and they had 5 phones in stock! I put it on hold and 15 minutes later I had bought the phone at guest services! I’m about to activate it right now 😀

  10. Emmanuel

    The Hespiria, California Target has 4. All the following Targets (Fontana North, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario and Upland) have ZERO as of today.

  11. Emmanuel

    First, I want to say the phone is FAST. I’ve tried the Sprint Epic and Evo and honestly the speed at which this phone breezes through the menus is the same. I was almost about to purchase a 4G phone from either Sprint or Tmobile, but I had to try Virgin despite all the negative reviews I’ve heard about service. Why Virgin Mobile? The price combined with the advertised services. But honestly, I’ll have to see if it’s everything they say it is. So why the Optimus V. Well, I’d tried the Optimus T and really liked it as a budget phone that could do pretty much everything I needed it for except sport a large iphone/evo screen or epic keyboard. From that point I did some digging for future phones to be released by prepaid carriers and lucked out when I saw that VM was going to release their version of an LG Optimus!

    Moving on…

    One very nice feature about this phone’s setup is that you can get all your Google stuff (gmail, calendar and contacts) WITHOUT even activating the phone!!! Tmobile would lock me out (with my G1 experience at least) if I did not have a data plan when trying to set up my Gmail account (This happened each time I flashed a new ROM). As a prepaid customer that wasn’t good and I eventually had to go with Tmobile’s $30/mo plan with 30MB of data. And of course w/4G in our area that 30MB was gone in a flash! Anyhow, w/Virgin the ability to surf the web via wifi is there whether the phone is activated or not! Big thumbs up there Virgin!

    The phone comes with a MicroSD to SDcard adapter. There’s a USB cable and an AC adapter. The AC adapter accepts the USB cable for wall charging. And of course, if you’d rather plug the phone straight into your computer, you’re welcome.

    Like I said above…the speed for general tasks on this phone is scary (in a good way). I’m totally satisfied with the hardware aspect of this phone. We’ll see how the service goes in a couple days when I switch over from Tmobile. Btw, I’m located in Southern California. I would think that the service would be decent. We’ll see.

  12. Kirsten

    Has anyone else had problems with data? The phone appeared the activate the same as my sister’s Rumor Touch. Then it said problems setting up. So I tried the way you this article suggests. Phone restarted and it didn’t work. I have the $25 plan with data, so I don’t understand why its not working and I’m getting full bars. It texts and makes calls just fine, just no data.

  13. Emmanuel

    Forgot to add…the phone comes with a 2GB MicroSD preinserted.

  14. Emmanuel

    Kirsten, call Virgin. They’re open till 11pm PST. 1-888-322-1122. Let us know what they say. I’ll activate mine in a day or two.

  15. Donna

    I can’t wait!! I have mine on hold til 2morrow (Had 2 wait 4 taxes 2 come in)..but they R holdin it 4 me,,Yay..I love this kinda info!!!

  16. Amber

    has anyone tried porting their number to this phone? I first set up the port, then activated the phone over the phone with the representative. I went to log in online to purchase a plan and it fails to recognize my ported number. Do I have to wait to get a message that the number was ported before setting up a plan, or do I need a plan to get the successful port message?

    I’ve been playing with it for several hours now, and it does not lock up and responds and downloads very quickly. I’ve had an Ipod touch before and would say they are comparable.

  17. Kirsten

    I tried calling but apparently they actually close the service center at 9PM. so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow :/

  18. Kirsten

    Ok! All is well. Instead of waiting for customer service I simply put my phone through the activation process again by dialing those numbers and pressing “Activate” and then done once it finished. Then it rebooted and now data works 😀 Phone is pure awesome. Runs smooth!

  19. Emmanuel

    Amber, I was told that porting one’s number over from another carrier can take anywhere from 24-72 hours.

  20. Jason

    i just got it at my target on 1-27-2011 and used yall info to program it i made a video of it and how it looks also no HotSpot untill april virgin mboile said but if u got the phone download this thing called (hotspot widget) and you will get hotspot befor anyone also they said they might launch the phone on FEB 5th

    watch my video for more info

  21. Jason

    Video on Virgin Mobile Optimus V

    mobile optimus v

  22. brandon

    I called and had the phone activated but like you said it doesnt work cause the phone hasnt been released yet. where do i find the MSID #?

  23. Emmanuel

    Brandon, I was a new VM customer. I actually activated the phone using their website, but the phone wouldn’t work initially. It came up with an error code. I wrote the code down. I then called customer support and they activated the phone on their end. It’s still running smooth. Try the method where you type in the ##….etc. That’s what the VM rep did with me and my phone was activated in a flash.

    Here’s that method again.
    After activating, enter (i.e. dial) ##847446# from your new phone
    Choose Edit
    Enter the MSN that Virgin Mobile gives you (cell phone number)
    Enter the MSID (may have unnecessary numbers before the main number)
    Choose Done
    Your phone will reboot.

  24. Jason

    TO brandon tell the rep that you need to program your new phone following the stuff at bottom ask the rep what the MSID is they will tell you enter it and the MSN is your phone number and goto andriod market and get (hotspot widget) =HOTSPOT

    After activating, enter (i.e. dial) ##847446# from your new phone
    Choose Edit
    Enter the MSN that Virgin Mobile gives you (cell phone number)
    Enter the MSID (may have unnecessary numbers before the main number)
    Choose Done

  25. someguy
  26. James

    Here’s the deal:

    I bought 2 (one for my wife) we both had older iphones. Called Virgin – ported number – got up and running within a couple of hours.

    A word of caution: my iphone stopped functioning as a phone almost immediately. So, do this when you don’t mind missing the calls.

  27. brandon

    haha i had put my own number in the MSID slot and told everyone the real MSID# was my phone # :/ its works now though. thanks!

  28. brandon

    Besssssst phone ever

  29. amber

    as far as porting goes it only took 8 hours to port mine from tmobile to VM! I have not used the above code yet as everything i set up over the phone has worked will notify if that changes

  30. Amber

    Yep, Texting, web, and calls all work just from:
    1. calling and having my number ported
    2. with the same rep I set up my phone MSN and MSID
    3. Waited for my ported number to come through (8hrs) and put money on the account
    4. works like a charm

    I do have to say that when I opened a few applications the phone completely froze up and I had to remove the battery and restart in order to get it working again…not cool. Anyone else experience this?

  31. Jared

    The SKU # that you have above 080-02-0724, is for the LG Rumor touch.. Not the optimus v, i went to target this morning and that’s what they had when I told them the sku, and the barcode said SKU 080-02-0724.. Help!!

  32. Free Willy

    Hey, this website really came in handy. Walked into my local Target about an hour ago, looked for the phone on the floor but didn’t see it. Call a store associate and gave him the SKU number he said if I didn’t have that SKU number he might not have known or found the phone in the back.

    FYI – for whoever it’s useful to. I buy all my “top-up” cards online on a website called “callingmart [dot] com.” When I buy from them they discount VM top-up cards by 1% and don’t add sales tax. So, in my case a $40 dollar top-up cost $39.60 total. They’ll send you the number in an email or if you put in your phones telephone number they will credit it instantly to your VM account. It saves me a little money each month.

  33. Bailey

    Hm. My 2 Target stores didn’t have that SKU in their system.

  34. saippenu

    Thanks so much for this helpful information. I kept calling Target stores and asking for the phone by SKU but they’d insist that I tell them the name of the phone instead. As soon as I said the name, they said they didn’t have it.

    I finally called one tonight and played totally dumb, pretending that I just couldn’t remember the name of the phone BUT I have a SKU for it. Voila, got the phone ( they only had 2 in stock).

    Calling VM to port over my existing phone number and activating the Optimus was a piece of cake. !2 minutes hassle free setup.

    Yaaay, not only my first smartphone/android, but even my first phone with a data plan.

    Yaaaay. I am psyched !

  35. someguy

    The SKU is correct. If your Target says nothing shows up or that its some other phone, they either don’t have it in stock yet, or the associate you got is an idiot. One place refused to sell the phone to me(in person even), another I called and they kept it behind the counter for me. If someone is not being cooperative, just try later in the day after a shift change.

  36. Michael

    I can confirm that by using the link listed up above to search Target’s website, it showed that just about every Target in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has the phone.

    Walked to the electronics section, showed the DPCI number, and he went to the back and sold it to me. $150. Haven’t activated it yet.

  37. Drew Martin

    Awesome phone, thank you for the SKU, got the only one they had at the Mission Viejo, CA store.

  38. Eric Vogel

    No internet for me. I did do a test call out. I will call tomorrow. I confirmed I put the right info in the right spots.

  39. Levi

    I don’t get why everyone is assuming only Target has this phone? Got mine today at Radio Shack…guys, just call around at your local electronic stores. Surely not only Target would be carrying them, and I was right. Awesome phone, btw!

  40. Ryan

    I just called my local target store and after finally being transferred, I finally got to electronics and asked if I could give him the DCPI number to check the availability. He asked what the item is, just play it safe and tell him all you have is the number, he checked and there were two that he found in the backroom and he put my name down for one of them! So psyched to get it!

    Anyone know though how the activation works if I’m just upgrading my VM phone? I know that the instructions above tell you what to do if that’s your first VM phone. Thanks guys

  41. someguy

    Levi, most Radioshacks don’t have it yet. It depends on what region you’re in. All the ones I called won’t have it until the 31st or the 1st. If you guys can find one, definitely try to buy it before the 1st. They’re going to sell out completely and people will be waiting at the doors to get them. I’m wondering if Virgin Mobile is only sending 2 per store for this very reason… still, it’s the best deal around for a no contract Android… and they have the lowest priced data plan as well.

    Ryan, I didn’t have to follow the instructions above at all. I just activated online, then hit activate on the home screen. I ended up just getting a new number though.

  42. someguy

    Oh yeah, the best place to get info on this phone is the Howard Forums:

  43. Bailey

    If anyone wants to buy this phone, check RadioShack. I called 3 Target stores and had no luck, but when I called my RadioShack store they had more than enough in stock for $149.

  44. Ryan

    I got to say, this phone is fantastic! If anyone has any questions, just ask, I’ll answer!

  45. Bailey

    Ryan, does this phone have the mobile hotspot feature included in FroYo?

  46. Levi

    My internet isn’t working on my Optimus V…is everyone’s else working? I just figured it was because it wasn’t released yet. Just making sure, cause if not then I might have to get a new one. 😛

  47. Ryan

    Bailey: I had thought that the Mobile Hot-Spot was included in 2.2 but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I’m still searching for it and I’ll keep you updated!

    Levi: my internet is working just fine! Try turning on the wifi by going to the wifi settings and selecting your network. Did u activate the phone yet?

  48. Eric Vogel

    The battery life sucks on it. But it maybe all the apps pinging for internet and the phone trying to get a request from the tower and not getting the response. I have heard it will be fix by today then 2-3 days and a email says 1-2 days. :S I sure hope they restart my month because I will not port my number over to I know everything is working (Data and MMS (txt ok, MMS goes over data)) and I can talk where I normally do then I will start the port. So I am maintaining two phone plans at once longer than I wanted.

  49. Emmanuel

    Eric you’ll drain the battery if you have your wifi/GPS/3G running. If you don’t want it to drain then turn those services off if you’re not using them. Otherwise, if you are using them expect some drainage as with any phone. Case in point, I had a Tmobile G1. I had wifi/GPS/3G running all the time. The battery would drain to 50% pretty quickly (half a day at least). I began to wonder what the point of having a cell phone was if I couldn’t make calls b/c of all the background data usage that was going on. So, I turned it (wifi/GPS/3G) all off and the battery kept it’s charge throughout the day.

  50. Eric Vogel

    I keep wifi off when not useing it but leave 3g on. This should not be an issue. I did disable a app to not auto start and will 2 more that required me to create an account. I will get thoughs from running in the background too. less pinging for internet the better.