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8 responses to “LG Optimus Zip from StraightTalk Now Available Online, Galaxy Proclaim Back in Stock”

  1. walt

    When do you think the next straight talk Verizon smartphone will be released as a guess, and do you have any guess what smartphone that runs of Verizon network will be released next? Thanks so much, sincerely

  2. walt

    Thanks so much for the quick response! I have been mining the internet for any rumors of the next verizon coverage smartphone on straight talk and its possible release date but haven’t found squat. I really appreciate your speculations, helps to keep my internet searches lowered in amount. I have a two and a half year old dying smartphone, and I am trying to hold out buying a new one until straight talk comes out with its next smartphone on the verizon network, here is hoping my current phone lasts until then. thanks

  3. Mike

    I checked availability for my zip code and the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim is listed; however, the Zip is not listed. Plugging a different zip code shows both phones. ST customer service says the Zip is “out of stock” for my zip code. How can that be? Verizon is Verizon anywhere you go and our zip code has Verizon coverage – even a Verizon store.

  4. Zach

    I got the scoop from a clerk at my local Walmart today. This was a very knowledgable clerk and he had previously spoken to his Straightalk rep about the LG Optimus Zip. Straightalk will not stock this phone in his store because the area that this store is located in has great Sprint coverage. This phone can only be found in Walmart stores that are located in areas of the country with spotty Sprint Coverage. My Walmart store is located in Seabrook NH and it has great Sprint Coverage. So, the clerk looked at the coverage map for Sprint and found that Auburn Maine has terrible Sprint coverage. He called the Auburn Maine Walmart and they had plenty of LG Optimus Zips in stock. So, I went there and bought it.

  5. Nina

    Zach your wrong because we have great sprint service and my local walmart carries the zip… so you are wrong

  6. johnnie

    Would soneone please tell me how the LG Optimus Zip compares to the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim Thyue are poth Straight Talk Phones. I know the LG Optimus Zip has a keyboard which I like that feature But does it have as good as reviews as the Samsung Glaxy Procaim. I have not been able to get this information from places I have looked at so far. Sure would appreciate some good information on this because I am thinking of buying oe very soon. Thanks.

  7. Rachel Stoner

    I am also wondering the same thing as Johnnie, I am torn between buying the optimus zip or the galaxy proclaim. I would love to hold out to see what new android phones they are coming out with soon that work on the verizon networks, but I just can’t wait any longer!!