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5 responses to “Live Apple Tablet & Media Event Coverage”

  1. F1

    I am very disappointed with Mr.Steve Jobs,that being on two grounds, the iPad first, and second on lack of any VZW deal!

    Considering the iPad 16 GB SSD w/ the iPhone OS 3.2.vs my Asus 900 16GB SSD Netbook w/XP, there is no contest!

    Mr. Steve Jobs made too many errors this time, he had one last chance to make up for the lack of “Netbook” category representation, and in my book, he failed to deliver, ignoring millions of potential new clients:

    1.No OS X, hence no multitasking vs XP
    2.No Camera of any type vs 1.3 Mega Pixels!
    3.AT&T again, no SMS app vs Your choice by tethering
    4.No SD, need to purchase “camera connection kit”, vs 1 SD
    5.No USB, need to purchase a “camera connection kit” vs 3 USB
    6. Optional Keyboard !
    7.$499 vs $229

    But the iPad has a better battery life and 1024 x 768 screen resolution, and no OLED!

    For the past two years, along with millions of others, I have been awaiting and ready to spend up to $1000, for a full OS X “Netbook/Tablet”, with all the above sited missing features.I guess Apple does not need or care for an additional 2 to 3billion dollars of cash influx, too bad.

    Thank You

  2. F1

    Correction on the Asus which does give you three choices inregards to the resolution: 800×600/1024×600/1024×768

    Thank You

  3. Duker

    AT&T again! Apple is crazy….but the seem to always get it right. Verizon or Sprint could provide a much better data experience though.

  4. JJ

    This is just a glorified iphone. I thought their tablet was suppose to compete with the pc tablet that runs a full OS. I would have bought it if it was running mac os but the same OS as the Iphone. Cmon! This is just unbelievable. It looks like apple continues to make their biggest mistake, sticking with ATT. I guess my money is going elsewhere.

  5. jim

    Aside from the mediocre specs and major deficiencies as mentioned above, what caught my attention were the data plan prices. MUCH better than current datacard prices and ABOUT f-ing time. Flies right in the face of de Vega’s complaints, and must make Craig Moffett CRINGE.

    Personally, I believe it is this very reasonable pricing plan that might have driven VZW to say NO, Absolutely NOT. WE are BIG RED, WE are not throwing away OUR humungous provit margins on our predatory pricing plans for this threat to our lucrative bottom line along with potential data congestion totally killing our profits altogether. Which is probably what they said first time around with the iPhone.