Live Coverage: Microsoft CES Keynote 2011

Based on user feedback from last year, we’re delivering low-bandwidth coverage of the Microsoft CES keynote this year.

This is because Microsoft is webcasting the keynote, and users prefer to tune in simultaneously (watching the webcast when it hasn’t crashed), and it is also preferred by low-bandwidth users.

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7:46 That’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone that tuned in, and please chime in on the comments.

7:45 “We’re entering a new era of technology for consumers.” Where Windows will scale across any screen.

7:43 Reviewing announcements. Wrapping up.

7:42 NVIDIA ARM demo with PowerPoint 2012. Tegra hardware accelerations already implemented, as well as DirectX IE9 demo on Tegra GPU acceleration. HD video playback.

7:41 TI OMAP demo with Word 2012 running on ARM. Recompiled. On to a print driver recompile demo on an Epson printer.

7:40 Qualcomm Snapdragon running Windows client, admits tacitly that ARM will need new drivers and recompiled apps.

7:37 Mike returns to demo Windows on ARM/SoC. Demo limited to platform current Windows features (no new interface, browser, etc). Intel Atom SoC demoed. Demoing Atom SoC’s app compatibility with today’s apps and device drivers.

7:36 Windows support for SoC’s is “important for Microsoft, and for the industry.”

7:35 Next Windows SoC / ARM announcement repeated.

7:34 Steve comes back on stage.

7:33 Surface 2 demoed. Demoing text/paper recognition and advanced formats (kiosk and ruggedized PC variants).

7:28 Samsung PC7 slider series brings HTC’s Shift design back in a big way. Intel Oak Trail powered. Asus Slate from yesterday demoed. Photos.

7:27: Acer dual screen notebook demoed. Multi-touch keyboard pops in instantly with gesture.

7:26 AMD Fusion notebook demoed.

7:25 Michal Anguilo, corporate VP takes the stage, demos new Windows 7 PCs and form factors. Intel Sandy Bridge demoed with HTML5 torture test.

7:23 IE9 Beta has 20 million users,whereas the latest Windows Live wave release has 500 million users. But, that number includes Hotmail.

7:22 Transitioning to Windows 7 debrief. 20% of internet-enabled PCs are running Windows 7, a copy is sold every seven seconds.

7:21 It’s worth noting that Internet Explorer wasn’t demoed on Windows Phone. In fact, the world’s most used browser was completely ignored in the WP7 demos.

7:20 Will we see any new Xbox Live demos in WP7? Appears to be a no. Wrapping the Windows Phone 7 journey/struggle/rebrief.

7:19 A brief demo of the clipboard was part of demo five. But, again, if you have been reading, you already have seen it.

7:18 We’re getting there. On demo five.

7:17 Demo four. Three demos to go.

7:15 We’re still on demo two. We’d tell you what demo two is… but, odds are, you have already seen it nine seven times and don’t care.

7:13 Seven demos for WP7. Deep breaths people. Deep breaths.

7:12 Liz Sloan from the Windows Phone team takes the stage to demo WP7.

7:11 Averaging 100 new apps every day, with 20,000+ registered developers. Job (struggle) has been to get people to try the phones out. 9/10 customers who buy it report recommending it to others. MS will continue to aggressively invest in it, starting with series of updates. Confirming clipboard and performance improvements in Spring update. Also confirming CDMA launch in 1H2011.

7:10 Debriefing the launch of Windows Phone 7.

7:08 Transitioning to Windows Phone 7 as a platform.

7:06 Announcing Fable Coin Golf for WP7. Gold earned will transfer to Xbox 360 game. Video montage of WP7 games.

7:05 Transitioning to Xbox Live for WP7.

7:04 Xbox Live hit the 30 million member mark, touts inclusion of a new member every two seconds. #1 selling platform for past six months, with 50+ million Xbox 360 units sold. Kinect also beat MS’s 5 million forecast, with 8 million sold.

7:03 Avatar Kinect will be free this Spring to Xbox Live Gold members.

7:01 Avatar Kinect will work as an alternative to video chat, using Kinect to recognize facial features and expressions, and display them in real time with your voiceover in live chats. Will be visible to Windows Phone down the road.

7:00 Steve Ballmer has been replaced on stage with a talking Xbox avatar voiceover. A tech demo, for Avatar Kinect.

6:59 “Only the beginning of our partnership with ESPN” Promises more sports and game integration in the future, but no specifics.

6:58 On to sports. Debriefing ESPN TV partnership.

6:57 Hulu Plus coming to Xbox 360 also this Spring. With Kinect controls.

6:56 Announcing Kinect for Netflix. Control Netflix with the same Kinect navigations of Xbox. Available this Spring.

6:55 Still demoing Kinect. Still.

6:54 Explaining how Kinect works. Wonderful.

6:53 Ron Forbes from the Xbox division comes on stage to debrief more, and eventually, introduce new stuff.

6:52 The teleprompters are a lot more visible than last year. Oh, more debriefing.

6:51 “2010 was the biggest year in Xbox history.” Playing review montage video.

6:50 And now, debriefing Kinect.

6:49 Transition to Xbox Live and newer connected services on Xbox 360 (Netflix, Facebook, etc).

6:48 Today being shared “a little of what’s coming next”. Reviewing original Xbox.

6:47 “2010 was a very exciting year for our customer.” Walks through Office 2010, Kinect, and Windows Phone 7, as well as live services. Thanks “the over one billion customers” for their feedback and support.

6:46 Microsoft glitzy three-screen video ushers Steve onto the stage.

6:45 Gary’s still introducing Steve Ballmer.

6:44 Gary’s introducing Steve Ballmer.

6:42 And, once again, Gary Shapiro touts his book. Nifty.

6:41 CES is “larger than last year”, citing technology as leading the economic recovery. Over 2,700 companies in the final count at the show.

6:40 CEA Chairman Gary Shapiro takes the stage.

6:38 CEA welcome chime. Welcome video on.

6:35 It’s amazing the difference a year makes. We’re hitting top speeds on unlimited 4G. We’re even backing up our laptops… while waiting for the keynote to start.

6:33 Three minute warning.

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9:20 FYI, we are respecting the Wi-Fi blackout. We’re dialed in using Clear Spots which support USB-only mode.

9:19 More pre-keynote video, mostly B-roll grade walkthroughs of Microsoft Retail Stores.

9:18 We’ve suspended and pulled new news until after the keynote. We’ll run it as soon as coverage ends here.

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6:11 Microsoft has already asked us to shut off Wi-Fi devices.

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