Live Coverage of the Samsung Keynote

Welcome to’s coverage of the Samsung CES Keynote. Hit read more for up to the minute updates

4:35 Gary Shapiro on stage to introduce BK Yoon
4: 37 BK Yoon hits the stage with the Zoll footage giving out the cellphone warnings
4:39  More Zoll footage dramatizing Samsung’s goals for the future regarding technology and the human connection
4:41:  BK Yoon on stage
4:43 Speech references the company’s participation with the assistance of the Chilean miners with its technology and products
4:44 “Access Align Amaze Act”  The Four A’s of the Human Digitalism ethos being espoused by Yoon
4:45  Corny dance montage
4:47: It’s over (the dance number)
4:48 Zoll back onstage with Yoon detailing TV’s resurgence as the central hub with Samsung’s Smart TV initiative, running down Smart TV capabilities such as premium VOD and app store
4:50 more video footage, this time with the announcement of a cloud-based platform for entertainment and services with partners
4:56  Samsung to partner with cable industry on content distribution and infrastructure along with cross-platform app development
4:59  Brian Roberts of Comcast and Glenn Britt of Time Warner Cable on stage confirming Smart TV partnership
5:00 Brian Roberts  confirms Xfinity TV for Samsung Galaxy Tab, demoing app on Galaxy Tab with DVR and channel changing functionality with forthcoming live TV feature
5:02 Glenn Britt announces Time Warner Cable app for Galaxy Tab with Live TV functionality without set top boxes needed, complete channel lineup access forthcoming with handoff to Samsung Smart TV demoed.
5:05 Time Warner Cable access via Smart TV demoed without set top box
5:06  Brian demos Xfinity VOD on Samsung Smart TV and demos resumption of Despicable Me from Galaxy Tab to Smart TV
5:09 Hulu CEO Jason Kilar on stage
5:12 Hulu Plus on Android, first on Galaxy S
5:13  Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen on stage extolling AIR and Flash with Yoon announcing AIR + Flash on Samsung Smart TV platform
5:18 All partners on stage for a final bow before departing and Zoll returns with Yoon describing Samsung’s Smart TV’s aesthetic qualities with One Design principle
5:20 b-roll demonstrating one design principle with new series of home entertainment products
5:24 Video demoing Smart TV handoff with Samsung Galaxy S
5:27 more corny dance numbers
5:28 3D  Smart TV demoed
5:30 Dreamworks CEO Jeffery Katzenberg  on Skype on Samsung Smart TV and on stage demonstrating powered 3D glasses
5:38 Samsung demoing 3D audio  and another corny dance montage ensues
5:39 New generation of LED TVs to reduce power consumption by 40% touting various eco awards, announces investment in solar and alternative energy sources with 23 billion invested by 2020
5:40 closing speech and  final dance number
5:41 That’s a wrap

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