Live Coverage of the Verizon Keynote

Welcome to live coverage of Verizon’s own keynote at CES. Many announcements are expected to be made duiring the presentation such as the official unveiling of the HTC Thunderbolt 4G along with other devices.

1:10 Verizon running 4G LTE promo reel
1:12 Dan Meade, Tony Melone  hit the stage discussing Verizon’s accomplishments
1:14 Video showcasing Verizon’s LTE partners Bluegrass Cellular, HTC, LG and others
1:16 Dan Meade returns to the stage elaborating on the purchase of 700MHz spectrum for LTE in 2008 and rural network sharing initiative.
1:18 New agreements signed for rural network initiative, partners yet to be named.
1:20 Tony Melone and LTE network architect on stage
1:22 Melone discussing LTE network accomplishments since launch exceeding or meeting expectations
1:24 Reiterates nationwide LTE coverage goal in 36 months
1:25 Dan Meade and Marnie Walden on stage with platforms of various LTE devices
1:27 Marnie set to demo devices starting with Jeong Song Park of LG Mobile and the Revolution
1:30 Tony Bates of Skype now on stage to introduce Skype Mobile with Video on LTE phones and tablets. Integrated on all Verizon LTE phones and tablets.
1:33 Peter Chou now on stage from HTC to introduce Thunderbolt 4G.
1:36 Running down specs and confirms mobile hotspot support for 8 devices
1:37 EA VP Travis Boatman on stage
1:38 Demonstrating Rock Band Mobile with multiplayer demo video over LTE
1:40 Samsung Mobile Communications President JK Shin now on stage to introduce 3 devices
1:41 Samsung smartphone with Super AMOLED Plus, Samsung LTE hotspot and Samsung Galaxy Tab with LTE
1:45 HP/Compaq netbooks and Novatel MiFi with LTE demoed along with Motorola Bionic and Xoom tablet
1:46 Dan and Tony return to the stage for Q&A
1:47 5-12Mbps claim is made accounting for conventional load
1:49 Battery life is addressed with manufacturers, international LTE roaming will be enabled later this year
1:50: No announcements for handset LTE pricing
1:51: Verizon LTE devices comply with open access, but no confirmation on locked or unlocked devices
1:52 No confirmation on simultaneous voice data
1:52 data caps for handsets a possibility
1:54 Touting indoor coverage advantage and all tablet/ handset devices on stage are running Android
1:55 No comment on USB tethering
1:56 That’s a wrap

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