Live Coverage of Verizon’s Press Conference

Welcome to’s live coverage of Verizon’s press event in New York City.  The eventy is expected to herald the arrival of the iPhone 4 onto the network along with other possible announcements.

10:01 – Lowell McAdam hits the stage
10:02 –  “The innovation in this market is mind boggling — and today two innovators are coming together.”
10:03 – Talking about FiOS service and accomplishments along with LTE
10:05 –  “This is putting us at the hub of the wheel driving this industry. Collaboration is the key to innovation. We’ve worked with partners across the industry.” “Today we’re partnering with a giant of the industry, and that’s Apple.”
10:08 –  “Our relationship with Apple has developed over the last two years. In 2008 we started talking about bringing the iPhone to a CDMA network.” “We spent a year testing.”
10:09 – Verizon iPhone 4 confirmed for early next month
10:10 – Tim Cook onstage with iPhone 4 in background
10:12 – Running down key iPhone 4 specs and features – FaceTime, iTunes, Retina Display, 5.0 megapixel camera, App Store.
10:15 -Verizon’s  Dan Dee onstage,  talking about preparations being made for iPhone launch
10:17 – iPhone 4 pre-order on February 3rd for existing subscribers, $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB with mobile hotspot included for up to five devices. Launch on February 10th.
10:24 – Apologies for the server issues, folks.  Multi-year non-exclusive agreement confirmed, potentially opening the door to other carriers.
10:27 – Lack of simultaneous voice/data support also confirmed. implying no built-in support for IMS and changes made to antenna design also confirmed.
10:34 – More questions and banter. Verizon has opened a dedicated teaser page for the iPhone 4.

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8 responses to “Live Coverage of Verizon’s Press Conference”

  1. Manny

    Someone would be a fool to purchase the Verizon IPhone. The Verizon IPhone has no LTE connectivity and no GSM roaming. They are selling an outdated phone. The Android based phones with LTE connectivity are more future proof. I thought Verizon would have implemented 1X Advanced CDMA technology in their network which would allow simultaneous voice and data, I believe though I’m not sure. Man this announcement is a joke. I have to agree with AT&T that Verizon dropped the ball on this one.

  2. Jeff

    I am very excited that Verizon is now in the iPhone game. I hope AT&T responds aggressively.

  3. Mike

    CDMA iPhone (No LTE). Stopped reading there.

  4. Doug

    It’s about time the consumer had a choice. I’m curious to see how many people actually defect from AT&T to Verizon though… losing simultaneous voice+data but gaining a hotspot. Also curious to see if Verizon has dropped calls issues.

  5. Danna Mason

    I been waiting on this day when Verizon will get the iphone. I wonder what type of service plan they going to offer. Are they getting the iphone in white????? Someone please telling!!!!!

  6. Stretch

    First off LTE is going to be extra money, so i wont be paying that. I dont know about anybody else but how often would you be talking on the phone and surfing the web???? I dont! I did however read that verizon is working on having data and voice at the same time as we speak. I read there is a sim card slot on the phone, maybe GSM roaming? not sure. I am getting one, apple has great support!

  7. Billy

    LTE? I tether my droid to my computer using PDANet software. It cuts internet service when I connect to an incoming call. Where is my benefit? Also, 3G is so stinking slow to use for tethering my PC to the internet I only use it when I absolutely have to. WiFi on my droid is faster than surfing 3g most the time. For most users, the Droid is a love-hate user experience with tons of capability and all the ugly, buggy pitfalls of an open source piece of equipment. People will switch in droves to iphone just for the far (and I mean UNMATCHED) superior user experience apple offiers alone. My Droid will be up on craigslist in a few days. Thank you Verizon. Bye-bye droid.

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