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6 responses to “Live Images of Verizon HTC Merge Surface”

  1. JJ

    My question is, why make a world phone 800mhz when all other phones coming out now are 1ghz? The world phone is going to need the faster processor more than the other ones.
    Also it looks like Verizon is crippling the phone again by forcing bing as the default search. That should be illegal since android is an open os. Google should do something about that. I’m glad I’m with sprint.

  2. The man in an office

    1ghz not necessarily faster than 800mhz. Hypothetically, 800mhz with better pipeline, FPU, etc could be faster AND potentially longer battery life.

    Bing sucks. Force-binging folks sucks even more.

  3. rawr

    its not a 800mhz, not a 3.8 inch screean either.
    the link should explain

  4. rawr

    mor like a description of the htc desire z

  5. JJ

    It is true about the specs on the processor. There are rumors that it could come with the dual core processor which would be awesome. This means other phones will start coming out with this processor and you don’t have to choose only verizon.
    At least other companies don’t force bing search on you. But I’d rather have forced bing than a crippled android from att. I think bing search can be worked around with a rooted phone.

  6. Humberto Saabedra

    rawr, instead of buying into rumors, maybe you should look at the facts:

    The phone features an 800MHz Scorpion processor that outperforms the older Snapdragon core. Devices with dual-core processors won’t even be released until the end of next year. In short, Brighthand is way off.