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18 responses to “Live Sprint CTIA Press Conference Coverage, HTC EVO 4G Announced”

  1. JJ

    The supersonic sounds awesome. Any announcement on the everything plans being enough to have the supersonic? Or do we need to pay extra and change plans again?

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  3. Grant

    I can’t wait to get this amazing device. They just made the page for it on sprint. no real details but it does give you a 3d image. It will be called the EVO

  4. SaltyDawg

    Why, HTC, WHY did you leave the keyboard out? This phone would literally keep me up at night in anticipation of its launch if it had a keyboard (of the Touch Pro 2 quality) and tilting screen.

    Man it would be too cool if they announced a version with a keyboard tomorrow.

    This is hands down the best spec’d device to hit the USA.

  5. David

    No announcement of Palm Pre Plus?

  6. Duker

    I am confused, is the EVO the same thing as the Supersonic?

  7. JR

    Now only if Sprint knows how to market this device, I hope they’re not using just another “Now Network-like commercial to promote this device. It should fit the Driod demographic nicely, and all Sprint needs to do is to compare it to the iPhone 3G S, so that the general public knows it’s something BETTER than iPhone and running on 4G.

    If Sprint’s marketing failed to market this aggressively, not only all Sprint employees don’t deserve getting bonus based on the 4G goal, but the the ENTIRE marketing dept should be fired, the marketing company included.

  8. SaltyDawg

    The more I think about it, the more I want this phone- even though it doesn’t have a keyboard.

    Unless T-Mobile announces something even better in the near future on their HSPA+ network, I think I will likely be getting this phone.

  9. JJ

    With this phone i am willing to let my Sero plan go. They are offering me the 69.99 everything plan with $20 off every month. Does anyone know if this is just for the first year or life of the account? With this and my work discount it would be perfect.
    I love this phone but like someone said i do love the keyboard on my Touch Pro2. I guess well see what other awesome phones Sprint and HTC come out with.

  10. Em A

    the $20 off per month is for 2yr life of contract…i got same deal to leave sero đŸ˜‰

  11. Em A

    plus of course my 20% work discount…i went from $24/mon to $36 month after discounts…was worth it i guess

  12. JJ

    When does Summer officially start? I can’t wait for this phone. I hope sprint decides that the everything plan is enough and there is no extra cost to use wimax.

  13. Steven Goldfein

    It’s sad because I will probably never get the phone I really and truly want. I want a hybrid device with iden PTT and CDMA voice and EVDO/WiMax.

  14. SaltyDawg

    I am not seeing the phone I truly want either- which is this EVO with a keyboard and tilting screen- available with both Sprint 4G and T-Mobile HSPA+. That way if Sprint charges too much for the 4G plan I can go to T-Mobile (and vice versa).

    On the flip side, this phone is now the standard that everyone will be aiming to beat. So we can absolutely expect some better devices to be announced. And there is a real possibility that some better devices will be announced- and possibly even released, before I even get 4G in my area anyway.

    My city was announced as one of the new cities that will get 4G this year (yesterday) but there is no word on when. So if it’s not until late in the year, then we will absolutely know about some awesome devices by then.

  15. EP

    JJ, I believe summer officially starts June 20th. I’m counting the days too!!