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7 responses to “CyanogenMod 1-Click Installer Removed from Google Play Store”

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  2. Matt

    Cyanogenmod was clearly the biggest problem app in the store. Millions of average android users must have downloaded it and through a multi step process requiring additional software and hardward bricked their phones or in the worse case successfully loaded a modified o.s. At the least numerous warnings or disclaimers that could have help prevent some if this. Now I imagine that in short order we wi!l be reading another editorial complaining about some manufacturer’s/carrier’s o.s. update timeliness.

  3. Christopher Price

    Matt, nobody here dislikes CyanogenMod. If you read the original editorial, that was made quite clear.

    But just because CyanogenMod is great, doesn’t mean Google Play should have double standards on the rules. Android doesn’t have a walled garden, which means Google Play should be held to an even higher standard on keeping a level playing field.

    Personally, I myself use CyanogenMod on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, it’s one of the few firmwares for the device that supports TRIM alongside encryption. But, it also can brick a device. And, FYI, the app itself on the Android side at least gave no caution or warning. It wasn’t until after our editorial that CyanogenMod responded by adding a warning in the Play Store description – which is not display on every entry point to the app to begin with.

    I’m not sure I would have penned the original editorial had that warning been there originally, but are we really being unfair here? Even CyanogenMod isn’t really disputing that they were in violation of the Play Store agreement as it stands.

  4. Michael Huff

    All hail Christopher Price! Soon he’ll come to your house and tell you what you can top a pizza with. It doesn’t matter if Cyanogenmod agrees with you. It wasn’t doing any harm and you just wanted to be the one to bring something down somewhere–and you know this. Get over yourself.

  5. Christopher Price

    Michael, I would encourage you to read the Google Play reviews where people had their devices bricked. The assertion that Cyanogenmod doesn’t do “any” harm, is incorrect. CM, like any unsupported firmware update, bears risks that it can brick a device.

  6. Michael Huff

    Yeah, but not everyone is stupid enough to do something without researching things first, right? I encourage you to take a look all over the Play Store and see how many other potentially disastrous utilities exist as low-hanging fruit therein. It still strikes me that you just wanted to be the guys who brought down a major application for whatever reason. I’ve always been annoyed by hall monitor mentality from people like yourself. Simply having it available to people in the store was doing no direct harm to anyone.

  7. An0nYm0u5

    Hip hip hooray!!! If your grandious enough to install a complete os onto your device without knowing anything about it. Then you need a new paper weight. Lol but the supposed “hardbrick” no such thing. I can boot any that claim that in 2 hours. And matt. Go see if hitler or putin need any help running others lives. Really? Do you develop? Do you do anything beyobd point at what your tiny mind percieves as good. Can you even spell develop?? I myself do not use cm. I use alliance. But only as i fancy TW roms. I have one word for ANYONE dumb enough to try mods with no understanding of them. RECOVERY!!! if you dont have it. Know it. Or ever heard of it.. Go join matt over in the kiddy pool of ignorance and simplistic thought…

    If you want to open your eyes and mind. Before modding.. Look up safestrap. Or twrp. Or cwm. I dont prefer the last. But know those before anything else. Then. Have fun and enjoy your device. Before matt and the gang come russle them up and beat and chain us hardened thugs of development…